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Odin and I had a nice long walk again yesterday in our beautiful area. My daughter gave me some ideas, how I could take even better photos with my smartphone, which you will see here today

Remember that you can enlarge the photos by clicking at them

First I will show you the Orange Trees

IMG_20151016_184621 IMG_20151016_184548 IMG_20151016_184543 IMG_20151016_184511 IMG_20151016_184505 IMG_20151016_184444 IMG_20151016_184434 IMG_20151016_184339 IMG_20151016_184632


I will show a little more of Olive Trees today

IMG_20151016_184230 IMG_20151016_184128 IMG_20151016_183843 IMG_20151016_183838

And last the sunset


I hope that you enjoyed our walk


Comments on: "Afternoon walk in Spain – 16 Photos" (17)

  1. Beautiful!!!! As always….

  2. Wonderful photos. Great subject.

  3. Oh, how lovely! And that wonderful sunset!!!

  4. Thank you Irene, I did. And the pictures are good. They’ve been really good!

  5. Lovely how you end with the sunset!

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