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Dear Reader


Sunset seen against east yesterday in Spain

I’m sorry, that I don’t come so much around visiting blogs, as I use to. My energy level is very low at the moment, why I don’t do so much, as I use to, not either my nature posts. I will be back, when I feel the energy again. Know that you are in my mind and I try my best to visit as many blogs, as I follow and as I can.

In the meanwhile I do my best to recharge my energy in the nature and create new jewelry, when possible.

The weather here in Spain, where I live are going against autumn and my body is not so satisfied with this, even I feel, that it is now possible to walk long walks again without being exhausted by the heat. Like many people with rheumatism my body needs to warm up, before I’m able to do so much. This I almost forgot in the nice summertime, where I only had problems in very wet periods.

I wish all of you a great weekend


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  1. I hope you feel much less pain and more energy in the coming days, Irene. In the meantime, rest as much as possible and take good care of yourself and Odin. I’ll be thinking of you and trying to send healing your way.

  2. I understand you how difficult it is to catch up with reading posts although we would love to. I hope the weather is getting better for your rheumatism. Is that why you are in Spain?

  3. Lovely photo, Irene. Take care. I’m feeling much the same. x

  4. I hope you feel better dear!

  5. greyzoned/angelsbark said:

    I hope you get your energy and vitality back again real soon. It’s not fun feeling run down. Keep making that beautiful jewelry!
    Michele at Angels Bark

  6. Hi Irene! I wish you all the best 🙂 Keep making that beautiful and creative jewelry. Your gift to the world!!

  7. I hope you find new energy and get better. Take care 🙂

  8. Hope you recharge your batteries well!

  9. Happy weekend Irene, may you find your energies.

  10. Take care, Irene and I hope you have a blessed weekend.. 🙂

  11. Take good care Irene! Autumn brings winds of change that our body has to adapt to with the new season. xo

  12. Ali Isaac said:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. Have you tried Reiki?

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