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The autumn did also come to Spain. As you can see here, not all look like the clearly blue sky, as we are used to see. This sunset I found a little unusual and wished to show you


Few days ago we had fullmoon again. In the evening there were too many clouds to see the fullmoon, but very clearly in the morning


Odin enjoy his nice walks, where he get a lot of time to run without his lead. I’m grateful, that it was possible to learn Odin not to hunt the rabbits, as we have millions of here. Many of them are sick and he is feeded very well at home and doesn’t need to hunt his own food, like many others are.

My heart is crying for so many other dogs, as we have met lately here. Abandoned dogs by different excuses, as just get their freedom in the nature and then are expected to be able to take care of themselves or find themselves a new home. We have through the last two weeks met 7 dogs without a collar and without an owner. Some of them are friendly and others very scared.

It is not allowed to put animals to sleep here in Spain. Only the vet can decide, if this is the last way. In one way, this secure many animals to the chance to survive, but in another way, it lets many animals starve to death or by sickness to death.

In my time here I have seen hunters with many dogs for each hunter. They are not free to have. You need to chip and vaccinate all by the law. Then you need to be able to feed them and take care of them. If the hunters family don’t have too much money, the dog will often become to set free after the hunting season. Many families are starving or only have to feed the humans, many only the kids. In these families the dogs have the risk to be set free, as people here see it. The dog gets another chance, if someone will take the dog and take care.

Among the free dogs I have met at my walks with Odin, it was easy to see, that some of them have been beaten up. They have deep and old scares. Some of them are brave enough to come and say hello to us and others run very fast away, scared for more beaten up. There are good people and bad people all over. Some should not be allowed to have either animals or kids ever. They don’t understand their responsibility for anything.

I love animals and to see this kind of cruelty are very tough. I really wish, that I could do more, than I’m able to. In this cases I try to remember H.H. Dalai Lama’s words: If you can’t help, at least don’t hurt.

I love my old cats, as are 12 years now and I really try my best to give them space to be the cats, as they wish to be. They cry to get outside in daytime, sometimes 5 minutes other times for hours. They are neutred many years ago and don’t run far away, but they really love to stay in the garden at the grass and crawl in our big tree. Hunting what they can gives them good excersize. They rarely catch anything, but try and get to use their senses.

They have raised Odin to be a kind dog to both them and to other cats. As you might know, cats are not very sensitive in their way of raising. They use their nails to show, what they mean. Odin learned to be very fast to move his head, which is very smart 😀

I believe, that animals have souls and their own personality. Short time ago I wrote with another blogger in here and she mentioned, that many still don’t think, that dogs have a soul. For me this is more than a bad excuse for treating the animals in a not good way.

How are animals treated where you live in our world?


At our morningwalk we met this little snail, as was so kind to let me photograph


This photo of the the sunset and the next are from one of our beautiful days, before the rain and storm sat in


I hope, that you enjoyed our walk


Comments on: "Sunset & Life in Spain – 6 Photos" (26)

  1. Oh, Irene, I just loved this posting and “seeing” into your world 🙂

  2. I loved my morning walk with you.. but I too am so saddened to hear of so many dogs not having homes, and being abandoned.. It is not right to expect a dog or any other animal that has been fed and looked after to then fend for itself..

    Your cats also sound to be very well looked after.. I have had cats ‘Own’ me in the past.. One cat was 21 yrs of age before her passing.. And yes I believe too they have souls.. She would often visit me after her passing often.. I would feel her pawing me on my bed and hear her purrs.. Not so much these days… But occasionally I will have a vivid dream of her and know she came to say hello..

    Loved all of your photo’s… Love to you xx Sue ❤

    • Thank you Sue. This case with the dogs here is really tough to handle. I don’t have either space or money to help them. At the moment I’m looking for a new house and it is not easy to find house, where it is allowed to have pets indoor, as I also have. Both my cats and Odin are indoor in the nights and when they feel like. My door is open, when my animals are outside. I don’t leave my house, while my animals are outside.
      I have had cats and dogs most of my life and they give us so much more, than it is possible to understand for people, who never had animals.
      Nice that you still have a contact with your old beauty.
      Love to you too Sue ❤

  3. This is a very complicated problem to solve, Irene. I, too, wish I could do more. I would love it here if the money used to euthanize the dogs and cats could be used to vaccinate and chip the animals that are adopted, with very little cost to the new owners. Maybe that would open the floodgates of people adopting animals from the shelters.

    • You are right Linda. We don’t have even shelters in this area, where I live, so no one take care of those abandoned dogs here, unless they find a new home themselves.

  4. So sad to hear of the lost dogs around you Irene. Your and Odin bring joy and connection to them on your walks. For that I am grateful. xo

  5. Love the pictures the sunset is lovely! So sad about the stray dogs

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. 🙂

  7. Stunning landscapes, dear Irene… have a great week… best wishes. Aquileana ☀★

  8. Hi Irene, thank you for sharing your sunset walk with Odin. It’s such a shame that there are so many dogs that get abandoned and then have to fend for themselves. For me that was quite an eye opener whilst travelling through Sicily. Lot’s of stray dogs. Communities often feed them as much as they can through summer however, it is much harder during winter. As the people don’t venture out as much especially the elderly who probably find comfort in helping stray animals. One of my husband’s relatives has adopted a stray dog and he comes every weekend to his little beach house in Cefalu and the dog waits for him. However, still after two years of feeding and looking after him he is frightened of him and won’t allow him to get close and he runs away when he tries to pat him. He did the same to me while I was staying there. He has another dog and he is a Czechoslovakian Wolf absolutely beautiful dog. Still young and needs training???? His name is Buk. Buk and the stray dog love each other to death. Are inseparable when they go to this little house. They are beautiful to watch when they play and chase each other. Here, where I live the laws are strict and you need to register your pets and dogs are micro chipped. However, people still mistreat them and don’t take responsibility. Our little dog Jazzy is a Cairn Terrier and we adopted her when she was quite young. It took her a little time to settle in with our family – she came from the country and into the suburbs. She is very settled now and is 12 years old. Very much loved and cared for. 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing this story Milanka, much appreciated.
      Here we also need to microchip both dogs and cats and take care of their vaccinations etc. by the law.
      The big problem is, that many don’t feel responsibility for their animals in same way, as many animal lovers do.
      Nice to hear about your old dog, as live a great dog life 😀

      • Yes, she certainly has a lovely life. We all adore her in our family. She is my youngest child! 🙂 ❤

        • I do also enjoy my 2 old cats at 12 years and Odin at 2½ years now. They are also my kids here. The other kids are adults and live far away.

          • That’s gorgeous Irene. 🙂 The big part in the story of Buk and the other adopted dog which I didn’t tell you. Buk got his leg trapped in animal trap in the forest which is behind my relatives home. The adopted dog led my relative who was frantically serching for Buk for a whole day and evening. The adopted stray dog led him to where Buk was and he is a lucky dog. He had to have his back leg removed. Buk has now adjusted to life with three legs. Thanks to that beautiful stray dog who is still afraid of my relative. He saved Buks life. When they go for walks Buk is always with my relative and the other one is always 2 metres behind. Until the dogs start chasing each other.

  9. Beautiful walk as always Irene. My thoughts to the people who don’t think dogs or other animals have souls…..we do, and how we treat them reflects the truth of our souls.

    Your kindness and gentleness are beautiful in this world.

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