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I have been busy for a while and it absolutely not ended yet. As you may know, I would like to move closer to my daughter, as lives in Germany. It is never free to move and to move so far away, from Spain to Germany is expensive. I’m still saving for this movement, as I also have both of my old cats at now 12 years old and Odin at 2½ years old.

Just to find a new house here, where I am allowed to have both my cats and Odin is a challenge. In Germany it is even more difficult, because many don’t like to rent out to both foreigners and to people with pets.

My next challenge is, that I need to find a new house and that very soon. My contract here ends 31. of December this year and it is not possible to renew the contract, because the house is close to sold.

I do really wish to find a house in an area like this, close to both beach and nature areas, where I will be allowed to walk with Odin also. I love to end our walks by the beach. I need to find a house with garden, because my old cats are used to be able to get outdoor in daytime and they do really cry, when this is not possible. I will not let them down, they have been there for me in so many years and so many different life situations. They deserves to be able to get out in a garden. Most of all they enjoy just to watch the birds and the dragons in the garden. They don’t hunt so much any longer, mostly butterflies, but they love to stay outdoor and I wish to keep them safe in same time.

It would be different, if I had indoor cats, which I had as a kid living in a big city, where it was dangerous to live outdoor as a cat. Indoor cats are more easy to move with, they just demand a nice place with soft resting places and great view from the windows to follow life outdoor.

Many years ago I needed to move from a house to an apartment with my cat. She was used to live outdoor and this was not possible for a while. This went not good. I don’t wish to repeat this situation.

My cats deserves to live a good pensioner life in love and with access to a garden. Otherwise I will destroy their life quality and this I don’t wish to.

When we take cats and dogs into our household, we also need to think in their needs, which make the movings to a bigger challenge, but not impossible, it just takes more time to find the right place to live.

What do you do, when you need to move with your animals?



This post is part of the prompt SoCS by Linda, as you can find here:

Linda wrote: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “-cat-”  Use the letters at the start, middle, or end of a word and make it the subject of your post – or just use the word “cat.” Enjoy!

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  1. Irene I hope you find the best place possible!

  2. I can imagine how hard it is to think of moving and having to make 2 moves and with animals. I and sending good wishes your way that you find what you are looking for soon.

  3. Kentucky Angel said:

    I had German Shepherds when I lived on the farm Irene, and felt it would not be fair to them to move them to town, so I left them behind with my hubby. He enjoyed their company on the farm, and they enjoyed the freedom of the open fields. I’ve had only indoor pets here, one dog and about three cats. The cats adapt easily to moving, always finding a place to stretch out in a sunny spot, but my little Max took longer to adapt to new places. He passed away 6 years ago, in my arms, and I’ll never replace him. My last cat now lives with my daughter, because she was tripping me too often for safety, but she enjoys playing with the kids, so she adapted well. Now that I use a power chair I’m afraid I’ll run over a small pet, so I’ve not tried to add any to my life, just enjoy my friends pets with they visit. I miss having the comfort of one, but if I ran over it I would be so hurt and upset.

  4. Oh Irene… the decision you are faced with must be hard.. Hold onto your faith that something will turn up for you all that suits all of your needs.. Know it is already waiting for you to move in.. Keep your heart on that belief my friend..
    I hope all will sort its self out..
    Love and Hugs xx

  5. The last time I moved, luckily I only had small fish to transport and find a suitable place for. Four-legged friends are much harder. I wish you the best of luck, Irene.

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