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Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1644

Odin do enjoy a break at our walk and keep an open eye with everything. Behind Odin you see Orange Trees, which I will show more of in our next Nature post. Much is close to harvest now and the olives are almost ended now. Few sorts need more time, but mostly are harvested

Remember that you can enlarge the photos by clicking at them

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1677

Here you see wild Rosemary, really a big bush

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1678

Wild Thyme on the way up again

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1669

Olive Trees of different kind

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1670 Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1671 Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1672Β Β Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1674 Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1675

All the Olive Trees as you see here are wild, because no one take care of them any longer. I think there are many olives at the trees even without any care

I hope that you enjoyed our walk


Comments on: "Autumn Walk in Spain – 9 Photos" (12)

  1. I love walking with you and Odin. Can you take some of the oranges, olives, and cuttings of the herbs, or do these all belong to others?

    • I can take the olives and the herbs here, but don’t know how to prepare the olives. The oranges are private even without fences. Usually it is the sour ones as grows without fence around. You only taste them once… I did last season…

  2. He is a lovely dog and your cats are adorable. We left our cat in Spain with our neighbours as he had asthma, and the wet weather in Ireland would not be good for him. He was a stray cat my husband brought home one evening. However, we brought our dog back with us after living in Spain for seven and half years. He had been abandoned over there with his mother. Both of them had Distemper and were very sick. She died but he was only a pup and survived. I’m not sure he’s too happy with our Irish weather but he has settled in very well to his new country.

    • Thank you Jean. No matter where I go for living, I will bring them all. My old cats are now 12 years and have lived with me, since they were few days old. Their mother died too.
      I’m sure that your dog is happy, just he is close to you, his family πŸ™‚

  3. Very lovely walk Irene!

  4. Can you pick those olives?

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