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Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1605

Happy Odin on the way at our late walk in the afternoon, before it becomes dark. There are no light out there, so we need to walk before it becomes dark.

You can enlarge the photos by clicking at them

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1655

Cactus with Cactus Fruits

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1656

Flowers at The Cactus

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1660

Flowers from one of the other Cactus, there are many different kind her

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1642

As you can see, the Orange are close to be ready for enjoying

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1641

The trees here without fence around use to be Orange for sour juice. You only taste them like they are once…

Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1640 Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1639 Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1638 Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1637 Fotos fra SD kort 141115 1636

I hope, that you enjoyed our walk


Comments on: "Walk in Spain in November – 11 Photos" (25)

  1. Nice, Irene. At least you can enjoy LOOKING at the oranges on the trees. Sorry they’re sour. Such pretty country for a walk. The cactus in bloom are lovely. Say thanks, also, to Odin for letting us go with you.

  2. Beautiful! Those blooming cactusesI can almost smell the air!

  3. Oh I so enjoyed my walk today… What joy to walk beside oranges to pick the fallen ones and taste as nature intended..
    Love the flowers too.. I am often amazed at the exquisite beauty of Cacti whose prickly spikes seem harsh and unfriendly.. And yet the flowers are so beautiful..

    I hope all is well with you Irene.. and you have had a wonderful week… Still sending positive thoughts your way and hope all is unfolding to help you in your new location…

    Love and Healing.. sending warm thoughts your way.. Sue xxx ❤

  4. Lovely orchards…beautiful flowers and fresh air…what can be better.

  5. A beautiful walk Irene. We had a beautiful day here today, but I think they will be fewer with the cold coming.

  6. The Cactus are amazingly beautiful Irene!! Always good to see Odin smiling- what a lovely day!

  7. Thank you for the stroll. Pet Odin for me. ❤

  8. I enjoyed the walk. 🙂

  9. Do you eat the cactus fruit? At home in the Southwest they are a delicacy.

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