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Why are you changing the way, we are posting here AGAIN?????

I’m sure, that you wish to improve the blog and make all more easy. Unfortunately this is NOT, what is happening. You make ALL much more difficult and time demanding than necessary.

Fx. I use to post at my shops Etsy & DaWanda, then copy the photo from there and insert in my post here, which is much more easy than upload all my photos here directly. I use the space here anyway, but this were much more friendly to work with before.

Another thing, now we need to click to open categories and tags. The category you have already decided which one I need to use. It is in gray. The tags’ window I need to open, more easy before, we are all using tags, so why make it so demanding to use?

The time for scheduling is also more difficult to find now.

Please leave the windows open and ready to use instead of this new, as you tried with this time. This is no success.

Please give us an easy place to post, so we will continue to use WordPress for our blogging. Right now you destroy our time here.


Comments on: "WordPress Help" (13)

  1. I agree with you completely. It feels sometimes that changes are made just to make them.

  2. I agree Irene. It’s getting so much more difficult. I’m not seeing all comments and likes in that side panel either. I can’t rely on it. 😦 And my posts sometimes don’t post correctly and bounce to the bottom of the reader. sighs

  3. I’ve been having issues too, Irene. I can tell by my stats that more and more people are no longer blogging. Is this what WP wants? It seems they are pushing people away by these changes. I’ve been spending more time on Instagram then on WP lately. Blogging for me is very time consuming as it is. And then to deal with changes on top of it … I’m not getting myself upset about it. I’m so sorry you are upset. Take a deep breath!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    • Sorry that you have issues too Amy. I wanted to do a lot in the morning, but ended up using hours at WP and felt myself frustrated, why I wrote this post.
      Many more will cut down their posts or stop blogging, if they continue to make is so time demanding.
      I really hope they will learn soon.
      Thanks for your support Amy.

      • You are so welcome, Irene. When it gets very frustrating, walk away for a while. It’s not worth getting grey hair over. WP is always, it seems, making changes that yes do effect us. I really wish they would quit it. Too many people have gone away …. too darn many! ❤

  4. I hope they listen Irene!

  5. Constantly trying to reinvent the wheel only it keeps getting squarer!

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