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Short time ago I showed you photos from the fields with Artichokes. Then there were no flowers to see and now they are almost ready for start harvesting again. The areas with Artichokes are very big and I did photograph from different places at our morning walk


Many people don’t know, how to prepare Artichokes, so they will be very delicious to enjoy. I bring one of my recipes, as use to be a nice way to enjoy them

If you can afford to buy many, while they are fair in price, I will recommend you to serve them alone as a first dish. Otherwise use them together with your other food

Bring a big pot to boil with water and 1 spoon of salt

When the water is boiling, put the washed Artichokes in the water, cover the pot and let it boil around 20 minutes. If your Artichokes are very big, boil for 30 minutes.

While the Artichokes are boiling, you prepare butter in slices for each to use beside the artichokes. If you like, you can create butter with green spices.

Let the Artichokes drip of in a colander and place them in a big plate.

I enjoy the Artichokes by taking one leaf a time, place a little butter at this and suck out, what is inside the leaf together with the butter. The bottom of the Artichokes is a delicatesse, enjoy this with butter too.

I hope, you will enjoy Artichokes, just as I do 😀 IMG_20151118_082230


Comments on: "Artichokes in Spain – 6 Photos" (24)

  1. We love artichokes. There is a town just south of the bay area that grows them. Fields and fields of them!

  2. That is the first time I see artichokes on a plant and in a field. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for this. I like artichokes, especially artichoke dip, but have never prepared them myself. This recipe may come in very handy.

  4. Wonderful photo’s and yes I do like artichokes, and thank you for sharing this method of cooking them.. :-)… Love and Blessings xxx

  5. Everything about this post makes me drool! Just delicious and gorgeous Irene, one of my absolute favourites. I like you idea to keep it simple and enjoy with a bit of butter. They are the star of the show and hardly need anything else done with them. I steam rather than boil them, but the result is the same amazingness. Have a fantastic weekend.

  6. I haven’t had a lot of artichoke, but what I have had, I really enjoyed. Something to possibly have more of!

    • They are very healthy, so I think that we can use butter for these and feel good about it Colleen. There are many good recipes, I just brought one, as use to bring success.

  7. I think I’ll try something new this week- an artichoke. Thanks, Irene

  8. I guess people in Arkansas don’t eat them, but I used to eat them in Oklahoma when I was growing up. I loved scraping off each leaf with my teeth. My mom served some kind of dip with them. I loved the artichoke hearts, too. I miss eating them, but my husband doesn’t like them, so I would be fixing only for myself. I’ve never seen them growing before. Thank you for the great pics!

    What are your feelings about the possible break up of Spain?

    • Sad that you don’t enjoy them any longer Linda.
      I miss my family a lot and would really like to live closer to my daughter. She lives around in the middle between Denmark and Spain, so she has also better weather than Denmark, which is very cold and humid now. It is also cold and close to winter for her now, but in a year much better than Denmark, where my health suffered because of the high humidity.
      A lot in Spain do still need to develope, when I compare to other countries. Many things here are what we call, just like Africa. It will come by time, I think, but this I don’t need to wait for.
      Wish you a happy weekend 😀

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