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Not so many days ago, I enjoyed my coffee outside at my terrace in the afternoon, which is still possible, just I find a sunny place. I sat and looked at the few flowers, which still showed sign of life and decided to photograph those for you to see.

We can be lucky to have sun and warm up to 16-18 C. – 60-62 F. around 3 pm now where I live in Spain. In the night we have around 0-4 C. – 28 F. which feels cold in a not isolated house. The houses here are builded to keep out the sun and warm and I agree, they do this almost too well in the winter time.

A little message to my new followers:

I do follow many blogs, more than 800, and among those also many authors, because I like to read not all lecture, but specially books about positivity and personal development. I enjoy reading poems and posts, when they are about life and not only religion and/or extremism or violence.

I respect what every you choose to write about and I do visit your blogs to see, if I can find something to like too. If you don’t see my likes, shares or comments, don’t misunderstand anything, we just don’t share interests.


I believe in life and I’m not religious. If I should try to explain you about my ideas, you will need to think about Tibetan Buddhism. I believe in love and peace. War has never done anything good for humans. The only place where all of us can meet is with love and mutual respect. Also no matter you are a man or a woman, we are all equal. We do all have the right to live. I do also believe, that animals have a right to live and be like animals are. They are not dolls, they don’t need clothe, only enough food and a lot of love. I see animals with beautiful souls, often more beautiful than humans souls, because they are not destroyed in same way. They don’t try to predict to be something as they are not. Animals are very honest and we can learn a lot from them, if we are open to learn.

We do all come in here with each our life experiences. Some we are willing to share and others not. This is okay, why not? No one are forced to tell anything, as they don’t wish to or are ready to talk about.

By my experiences I see life a little different than many others do. It is okay, we all have our own experiences and I hope that we also learn by those. I don’t pretent to have the rights answers and I hope to learn new every day, for what I’m open.

I don’t think, that heaven is up in the sky or hell is down in the fire.

I have lived in hell in this life, survived and found my way back to life, why I neither think, that hell can be other places.

It is up to ourselves to create our heaven here, live in peace with each other and take care of our nature. No one will come and do this for us, we need to kick ourselves and just go on. We need to remember to live – every day, one day it will be too late. I don’t wish to stay close to say goodbye to this life and then have regrets. I do my best to live out my dreams, no matter how crazy they can seem to be for other people, they are not crazy for me and this is, what is important to me.

I do my best not to judge other souls, but I’m also a human and need to learn a lot. The best for me is to have the intention of not judge other souls. I don’t know anything about, how they feel or what they have been through in their lives.

We need to support each other in best possible way, to be encouraging to others and remember to smile, also to a stranger, maybe we make their day or maybe they smile back and make our day πŸ™‚


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  1. This is beautiful, Irene! Thank you for all that you share and I send you much peace and love ❀

  2. Fantastic, Irene! This post totally speaks to me! Faith and believing is not about religion. This sentence gave me goose bumps:
    “I don’t know anything about, how they feel or what they have been through in their lives.” This is tolerance, respect, and acceptance. Wonderful! May I quote you with this sentence?

  3. Beautiful in words and pictures. Sending a big hug to you across the sea – be well, my friend πŸ™‚

  4. Beautiful post, Irene. I feel lucky to know you, even if it’s just a little bit and across an ocean. I look forward to your posts, but I especially love this one. It’s amazing how strong we can be when we have to be, isn’t it. I’m glad you’re thriving now.

  5. Absolutely beautiful how you express yourself here Irene. This truly made my day to read. I was thinking about judgement earlier today and yesterday also and I agree with what you said. It can be hard but must be a daily focus to be truly a happy person and to share that happiness with others. Blessings and hugs to you my friend. Xx

    And lovely vibrant pictures also. So nice to have that kind of colour this late in the year.

    • Thank you Melissa, I’m happy that you can relate to non judgement. Yes, it is a daily work to try our best, but no one can demand more πŸ™‚
      I did also enjoy the last flowers here now and felt to share the beauty.

  6. Beautiful life and explanation Irene. ❀

  7. Well said Irene I am so pleased I scrolled way back within my catch ups here.. Your roses are as beautiful as your thoughts my friend.. And you follow even more blogs than I.. I think upon my last count I followed nearly 500.. and those who comment upon my posts I always try to repay the compliment…but sometimes it is impossible to comment upon all…

    So I am most appreciate the time and trouble you take to comment upon my posts.. Sending you my love and gratitude and I hope your week is a productive and peaceful one..

    LOVE Sue ❀ xxx

    • Thank you very much for your roses Sue πŸ˜€
      It is not possible to either visit or comment at all the blogs, as we follow, but I do also try to repay the compliments best possible. Sometimes I take my time and sort out, who to follow or not any longer, because blogs do change by time and maybe I don’t feel the interest in all the blogs for years. That is okay too, I think.
      Send you love and hugs and best wishes.
      Love, Irene

  8. Your roses are like a piece of heaven. I feel heaven is in my heart. β™‘ Nicely written, Irene. πŸ™‚

  9. Inese Poga Art plus Life said:

    Great post or sure. Tolerance is very important. I also believe that everybody should be free to stick to his/her principles and follow their own moral imperatives. We don’t see here too much of offensive or damaging stuff, but it’s great to be reminded how we can always support each other in even small things, not to mention by showing our appreciation for other people’s efforts and achievements.

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