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Good intentions

Short time ago I did deside to try being creative and wished to create a calendar for a very good friend.

Then I downloaded a free trial of a program to see, if it was worth buying.

I found photos from this friends website to use in the calendar and thought, when I did insert those photos, that they would be placed in total size, but NO they did not, the program cutted the photos in places, where I absolutely not wished them to cut.

Unfortunately I sent the calendar directly to my friend from the program without being able to see the mistakes, before I sent.

I bought new glasses just before Christmas for reading and I needed long time to get used to those much stronger glasses and had problems for long time to see very well. I suppose this was the reason, that I didn’t see the mistake.

So even we can have the best intentions to be good friends and wish to spread happiness, sometimes it goes wrong. One thing, as I learned by this was to check again and again, before I send anything to avoid mistakes in my gifts.


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  1. You aren’t the only one, Irene. I’ve don’t this several times. 😦 Best intentions we have!

  2. I still believe there is much truth to the saying, “It’s the thought that counts.” And you can always do another one. Even now. πŸ™‚

  3. Good lesson to learn, Irene, but I KNOW your friend appreciated your trying to do something really nice and personal for her. I’m glad you figured out the problem and sent a new one. Now she can enjoy the wonderful gift, as well as the love from a good, good friend. I hope you get used to your new glasses soon. I’m sorry for the headaches.

  4. The best of friends will always see our good intentions ☺️

  5. It’s so frustrating isn’t it Irene? But I’m sure your friend still appreciated it.

  6. So upsetting when that happens, but I am sure your friend appreciated the effort you put into it. I am glad you were able to do it again though.

  7. Lesson learned. Your friend probably appreciated your good intentions πŸ™‚

  8. Such a lovely thing to do for your friend!! πŸ™‚

  9. You did good even if it doesn’t turned out as you expected. But I know how irritating that is, to discover an error afterwards:)

  10. Irene.. I am sure we can all of us relate to this lesson.. And I am sure also that your friend would think of the love and intention of creating and crafting such a gift first and foremost and not the errors in editing of the photo’s..

    What a very thoughtful idea this was as a gift..

    Sending you thoughts and best wishes also Irene.. Love and Blessings as we speed through the first week upon the calendar πŸ™‚ xxx Love Sue ❀

  11. Just as the other comments here, I am sure your friend enjoyed both. Changing eyesight is tough to deal with at times. I know I have had problems seeing well. In fact, I just received new glasses and I think I see worse. I need to go back for a check.

    • I did feel the same with the glasses April, but they told me to learn to keep my reading glasses more close to my eyes. This is more difficult, when I write at my PC to sit so close to the screen. Thank you April.

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