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Sunsets seen against south in Spain

Dear Reader

I’m going to move house in the coming week, so I will not be able to either post or read so many blog posts in the coming week. There will come some posts with my jewelry, as I need to schedule to get time enough for the move

I will follow up best possible, when I keep breaks in the move

I’m looking forward to photograph the sunrise, as I will be able to see from my balcony in the new house and hope that you will enjoy too. The photos today I took over the Mediterranean Sea and I just love the colorful sky


Remember to live and enjoy your life every day



Comments on: "New move in Spain – 2 Photos" (19)

  1. All the best with the move. I don’t like moving house so I hope yours goes well.

  2. Gorgeous, have a great move

  3. Thank you for sharing a lovely sunset. May your week go with ease in your move Irene πŸ’›

  4. Take time to rest, Irene. It sounds like with all the moves you’ve made, you should have this down to a science. Knowing what you’re doing doesn’t save you from the hassle, though. I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you well.

  5. Hope all goes as planned. It is such an exciting time of change!

  6. All the best for the move Irene, I hope it will all go smoothly. Look forward to your posts when you are more settled. πŸ™‚

  7. Irene, May the move bring ease and new comfort!

  8. Happy moving Irene! I look forward to your new sunrises πŸ™‚

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