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When I were out walking with Odin in the afternoon today, I saw this Almond Tree bloom. It is very much to early. I suppose it has to do with the mild December, as have been many places in our world.

Usually the Almond Trees show their beautiful flowers in March. I really hope, that this tree will survive and be able to create almonds too


As you can see, there are many flowers


and this all over the tree


Odin wished to play, so we continued our walk

I hope, that you enjoyed our walk


Comments on: "Crazy weather in Spain – 4 Photos" (30)

  1. It sounds like a lot of trees and plants are confused about what time of the year it is. I hope the almond tree lives and produces. Are you in your new place yet, Irene?

  2. anroworld said:

    I enjoyed this walk with you, nice pictures!

  3. What a beautiful tree Irene- I do hope it can survive and produce almonds. Thank you for taking me along with you and Odin today!

  4. What a majestic tree! You are right, the weather is shifting in so many places…I hope this almond tree adapts and survives.

  5. How weird to see it blooming this early….we had a peach tree do that one year (mild winter where we were living at that time)….many snows later, and then summer…it produced great fruit…go figure:)

  6. So beautiful, Irene. Thanks for sharing!

  7. We were having a mild winter Irene…but suddenly winter found us!

  8. Irene, I fear crazy weather is the new norm. Still, the trees are beautiful! I look forward to the flowering of spring; hopefully at the correct time….

  9. Kentucky Angel said:

    I love these trees Irene. I’ve never seen one before, but I love them. Are they as fragrant as they look? The blossoms are so delicate looking, I have to believe they are also warmly fragrant.

    • Thank you Angie, Almond trees are very beautiful and also very fragrant. The flowers can change in color from white to pink, up til which kind it is.

      • Kentucky Angel said:

        That is another “if only” moment Irene. I have a lot of them, but my main one at the moment is “if only I could sleep thru the night, then maybe I could stay awake long enough to finish at least one thing during the day”. I really should write the many books with my ideas that “I could write a book” about.

  10. Heartafire said:

    Great photos! Lovely jewelry! It seems the weather is unpredictable everywhere. Enjoy the day Irene!

  11. Irene, sorry for only responding now. I am so behind in my blog reading ! I need more hours in my day. I enjoyed your walk, and the pics as always. That Almond Tree is gorgeous, and hope it does produce Almonds. And, I think Odin needs a great big hug. x

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