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Sally write about Minerals and how to secure to get them, really interesting. If you don’t know Sally, go and visit her, you will not be disappointed 😀

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One of the minerals that most people focus on is calcium but it is in fact magnesium or the lack of this mineral in our diet that may be the contributory factor in many of the diseases that we suffer from, particularly as we get older.

It is believed that the availability of magnesium in drinking water and in our soil is now greatly decreased. Not only is the soil depleted but the plants that we eat are also becoming more and more magnesium deficient for two reasons. There is less magnesium in the soil that nourishes them and the use of potassium and phosphorus-laden fertilisers alter the ability of the plant to absorb the mineral. When we cook food we lose magnesium and if we restrict our calories during a diet and remove specific food groups such as wholegrains; it can create an imbalance.

It is important that our…

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  1. Great info Irene, thanks for sharing. 🙂

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