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First of all I will show you some more blooming Almond Trees. I wish, that I could bring in their smell too, they smell so wonderful


The colors of their flowers go from white to pink, up to the sort of almonds


As I told you before, we are walking in a barranc, which is used to store water, when we get more than enough rain in very short time. There are roads at both sides of this barranc and then the barranc is down like in a valley, filled with different plants and trees and huges rocks to keep the soil stay there. From this and the following photos you will see the barranc from upside at one of the roads, from where I could better show the views


Here we are close to the Mediterranean Sea at our way home


Odin has a break at the beach


There were some waves and wind here and it was so nice just to sit and enjoy the view and the smell of the sea


This is the beach close to, where we live


Here you see where we live and the balcony from where I photograph the sunrises

I hope, that you enjoyed our walk


Comments on: "Beautiful walk in Spain – 17 Photos" (51)

  1. Irene, you live in a wonderful place! I adore sea and miss it so much! Thank you for sharing with us this beauty! I think I can smell salty air! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh Irene, how beautiful. The flowers on the Almond Trees are amazing, πŸ™‚ The beach is superb, you live in such a lovely place, wow πŸ™‚ Odin looks so handsome and happy…Thank you so much for sharing your walk with me. x

  3. I enjoyed this so much! wow gorgeous!

  4. Odin is handsome as ever!

  5. What a beautiful place to live. Happy weekend x

  6. Oh, how beautiful and so close to the beach…. the photos already “smell” like spring!

  7. I cannot wait to visit! How gorgeous~

    • Great to hear Cindy, I try to find some good places for you to see. Here is many National Parks all over Spain, I could imagine, that you would like to go there too. Try to search them at Google in the areas, where you will visit.

  8. Spectacular! I see my favourite place–the beach!

  9. I echo all the thoughts of your other readers, Irene. I’m so happy for you and Odin that you’re living in such a special place. Do you have sandpipers on your beach?

  10. It certainly didIrene! It’s well below freezing here!

  11. Lovely. -8 F here with wind chills near minus 40…..

    • Uh, that sounds very cold Michael. It sounds like the Winter did reach you now. We had up to 78,8 F here yesterday, which is not usual either in February and it felt so warm.

  12. Those almond trees are beautiful, Irene!

  13. Beautiful views. It looks like it is an early Spring where you are. There are some trees blooming here in Southern California. You have a lot of pretty nature around you.

  14. You have moved to a beautiful location Irene. Those almond flowers are amazing and so lush.

  15. Love all pics but esp your dog one, looks so happy πŸ˜€

  16. The blossoms are beautiful, Irene. Have a great week. xo

  17. Beautiful!!! πŸ’š

  18. Such a wonderful post dear Irene..You warmed me up no end this cold and frosty day here.. loved those blossoms and I have never smelt the scent of an almond blossom must be something.. πŸ™‚ and thank you for sharing those views.. and I would think you need to store water when the droughts I am sure happen in Spain..
    And thank you for the views of your dwelling place.. looks a lovely place to live…
    Odin I am sure enjoyed this beautiful walk.. as I did today.
    Hugs your way and thank you for sharing..
    Nice to be back πŸ™‚ Hugs Sue

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