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Guardian Angel

Silver Necklace with Aventurine Guardian Angel

Beautiful Handmade Silver Necklace with Aventurine Guardian Angel

What do you think about this necklace? Please tell me, thank you πŸ™‚

You can find this necklace here and other beautiful Jewelry in my Handmade at Amazon Shop

Wish you an amazing day


Comments on: "Guardian Angel" (18)

  1. Wow I love the color Irene and the design! So pretty!

  2. She’s very pretty Irene. I really believe in Guardian Angels, and have one on my shoulder all the time, figuratively speaking. When did you move your shop to Amazon? I just noticed this, but it could have been there for months without my noticing. Before I moved in to this apartment I thought I had beige carpet, but when I was showing it to my Mom and brother they pointed out the obvious — blue carpet and beige walls. Duh!

    • Thank you Angie. I didn’t move my shop to Amazon, just opened up a new one there, when I got a good offer to sell by their Handmade at Amazon. I do still have my Etsy Shop too.
      I’m not good to remember not so important things either and get surprises by same reason sometimes πŸ™‚
      Did you close down all your blogs Angie? I can’t find you in here any longer.
      Wish you a beautiful day.

      • I am still open on but for some reason it just never seems to come up on anything. I think that is because I changed my name to Angie instead of keeping it reflections, etc. I guess I’ll have to do more work on getting that registered again.
        Have a lovely Wednesday — or Thursday, depending on how far you are ahead of us.

        • It is Wednesday morning 7:30 here now. I will check out your website Angie.

          • I noticed you found my website. I hope I got it recognized, but still not sure.

            • You do still have a job to do here Angie, your link beside your photo still go to

              • Good grief, that one was open for 30 seconds about 3 years ago. Thanks for the info on that. I’ll try to get to that one and get rid of it if I have to shoot it with cyber bullets.

                • Good Angie πŸ˜€ Good luck.

                  • I have looked, searched, and tried everything I know to try but just can’t bring that site up to delete it any more than it already is. Asked for help from the support team but they blew me off, so I think I’m stuck with this for now. Maybe my grandson will visit sometime in this lifetime and he can find a way to fix it. If not, I don’t know anything more to try. I’m totally illiterate when it comes to things like this.

  3. Simple and beautiful!

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