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Aquamarine & Butterfly

Handmade Copper Earrings with Aquamarine & Butterfly by IreneDesign2011

Beautiful Handmade Copper Hook Earrings with Aquamarine & Butterfly

What do you think about these earrings? Please let me know, thank you πŸ™‚

You can find these earrings here and other beautiful Jewelry & Accessories in my Etsy Shop

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Comments on: "Aquamarine & Butterfly" (13)

  1. Butterflies are my real thing Irene. The only pieces of jewelry I kept when I gave mine away are the necklaces with the butterflies on them — I should say the pendants rather than necklaces. A few go over my head so I can still slip them on, and some have extremely easy to fasten closures that I can handle most of the time. They even go with my jeans. Love these, my friend. Love them.

  2. Blue in a butterfly. I love.

  3. Irene, these are my favourite yet! I love butterflies and it is copper which I could probably wear! These are wonderful!

  4. Irene this is so beautiful! The colors of metal and stones. First the dolphins, now the butterflies 😍😍

  5. The blue is stunning mixed with the metal. Most pretty Irene. πŸ™‚

  6. Those are beautiful.

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