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Almond tree 1

Odin and I have had some nice walks, when I came back after being away for about 7 weeks. Here you see the Almond Trees and the almonds are already now big

Almond tree 2

Almond tree 3

Borago 1

Borago – the blue flowers are amazing in salads and looks so beautiful

Fig 1

Figs at the Fig Tree and this is a huge tree, as you can see in the next photo

Fig 2

Fig 3

This Fig Tree is a wild one and have amazing many figs this year. They are not ready for tasting yet 🙂

Iris 1

Purple Iris, as I see wild many places here. I love Iris, they are so beautiful and I really enjoy to see them

Iris 2

Iris 3

Iris 4

Marguerite 1


Odin 1

Odin in front of a Palm Tree

Thyme 1

We have Wild Thyme many places here and they are blooming now

Thyme 2

I hope, that you enjoyed our walk

Wish you a beautiful day


Comments on: "A Walk in April in Spain – 15 Photos" (17)

  1. Irene, I have missed your walks with Odin. I love seeing the trees and flowers. The one you call Leucanthemums we call daisies or Shasta daisies. They are one of my favourites as are purple irises. Those almonds look so big. Are there more than one nut inside those pods?

    • Thank you Lydia. There are usual only one nut inside each almond and it is a huge job to get them out at harvest, I have tried and it demands many hours or days.

  2. Lovely walk with Odin, thanks for including me in it! Particularly loved the purple Iris, my mum has that growing in her garden and it reminds me of my old family home. 🙂

  3. anroworld said:

    Odin looks good! Your surroundings are very tasty!

  4. I love your tours, Irene. Your part of the world is very different from mine. I’ve never seen figs or almonds growing. I appreciate the walk. Please give Odin a biscuit from me. I’ll bet he’s looking for a biscuit tree…

  5. Everything is in bloom, and how beautiful ! The Borago flower is lovely, is it edible Irene? 🙂

    • Thank you Lynn and yes, the Borago flower is edible and taste very well. It looks amazing upstairs a salad. Just remember to find them in a clean area, if you don’t have them in your own garden.

  6. The figs the irises, and Odin- all wonderful! Thank you for sharing your wlak Irene. So beautiful 🙂

  7. Hello Mr. Odin! You look handsome as ever!

  8. What a lovely walk! beautiful!

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