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Bird of Paradise 2

Odin and I have had some very  nice walks in our part of Spain. We live in Valencia Area. The Spring is here now, as you can see at my photos

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Cactus 1

Huge Cactus

Carob tree 1

Carob Trees

Carob tree 2

Carob tree 3

Carob tree 4

Flowers orange

Here follow photos of flowers in the wild

Flowers purple

Green flowers 1

Green flowers 2

Mediterranean Sea 1

The Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea 2

I live in these buildings at the moment

Mediterranean Sea 3

Nature 1

Beautiful view at an Orange Plantage

Odin 1

A happy Odin

Odin 2

Odin 3

Odin 4

Orange trees 1

Orange Trees are blooming and have a lot of flowers this year

Orange trees 2

Purple flowers

Red flowers 1

Red flowers 2

Red flowers 3

Red poppies 2

Beautiful Poppies

Red poppies

Spanish daisies

Spanish Daisies

Tree white flowers 1

Tree white flowers 2

I hope, that you enjoyed our walk

How does your Spring look like now?


Comments on: "Walk in our area of Spain – 30 Photos" (32)

  1. I was thinking this morning – when did you last do a walk post…hehe. I see a few African plants the Aloe maculata with the red flower heads and the bird of paradise from South Africa…lovely to see the views.

  2. greyzoned/angelsbark said:

    The wildflowers are gorgeous. Love the Birds of Paradise too. And what a great view you have!!! I would love to wake up to the sea every morning!
    Odin looks like a very happy dog! So cute! He looks like he sure enjoyed his walk…
    Seeing his face made me smile…

    Michele at Angels Bark

    • Thank you very much Michele 😀
      I’m happy, that you enjoyed our walk. Odin use to be a very happy dog and we just played balls before I took the photos.

  3. Spring! The best time for man and beast! Enjoy those walks.

  4. Irene, I just love the scenery and plants from your area. And the picture of your place and the view is amazing! I am not sure my health issues would let me travel that far, but I so want to see Europe. Spain, France, Italy, and Greece are the main countries I want to visit. And Odin does look very happy. I love the ones of him sticking out his tongue – so cute! I am hoping to take some pictures of where I live this weekend so hopefully I can post them soon.

  5. Irene.. I so enjoyed my morning walk with you and Odin.. Such lovely wild flowers and spectacular views you have too.. Here today it is warming up to be a lovely spring day.. too good to stay too long here on my lap top.. But I had to come around to tell you how much I appreciate your support.. And will catch up on more of your posts very soon.. Love and Hugs..
    Sue ❤

    • I’m so happy, that you enjoyed our walk Sue, even you just saw so much beauty in Scotland too 😀
      You are much appreciated too, dear friend.

  6. anroworld said:

    Wow, your surroundings are so beautiful! I am always impressed! I especially envy your living so close to sea, I adore sea and almost cannot live without it, although I live very far from anything like that! Irene, I am so happy for you! Your place of living amazing! I enjoyed your walk! Happy weekend! You asked about spring, here we have lilac and peonies in bloom!

    • Thank you very much Ann, I’m so happy, that you enjoyed our walk. I love the sea too and I would love to see photos from your Spring too.

  7. What a beautiful mix of scenery you have Irene.

  8. Bee Halton said:

    Hi Irene, the constant moving surely isn’t that great but you get to live in some awesome places :-). Thanks for your support and the pictures!

  9. Thank you for taking us on your walk. You live in a beautiful area. Odin does look very happy!

  10. OH How I enjoyed this post, Irene. You are living in such a beautiful part of Spain. To live right at the ocean is a dream of mine, and here you are living it. I am SO happy for you that your life is coming together as it is. Thank you for sharing these glorious pictures. ❤

  11. Sorry you’re having to move again, Irene. I hope you find a spot you can really call home soon. Odin seems to be healthy and happy. I hope you are, as well. Thanks for the nice walk.

  12. Wonderful pictures and scenery!

  13. Another lovely walk! So fun to join you!

  14. How absolutely divine Irene. I love the walks and your pics are stunning 🙂

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