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Handmade Silver Chakra Necklace with 7 Gemstones by IreneDesign2011

Beautiful Handmade Silver Chakra Necklace with 7 Gemstones

Would you like to wear this necklace? Please let me know, thank you 🙂

You can find this necklace here and other beautiful Jewelry & Accessories in my Etsy Shop

Wish you a happy day


Comments on: "Silver Chakra Necklace" (14)

  1. It’s a lovely necklace Irene. And I realize this is an American tradition, but Happy Mother’s Day to you any way. It’s one of my favorite holidays of the year.

    • Thank you very much Angie. We do keep same day as Mother’s Day in Denmark, but my daughter lives in Germany and my Son in Denmark, so I only talk to them by phone today.

      • Sometimes that is almost as good as seeing them. My youngest son came today also, and I got to see two of my kids at the same time. It was wonderful, with lunch and a cake and cherries for dessert. Yummy.

  2. I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, too, Irene. You and I are in the same situation, since our son is in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Irene!

  4. So lovely Irene!

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