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Passionflower 01

Now it is Summer in Spain and we have sun and blue sky almost every day. It is warm, up to around 38 C. – 100 F. and beautiful for walks early morning or evening. In the midday it is too hot for walks.

Passionflower 02

I find Passionflower to be amazing beautiful and I’m satisfied, how my mobile camera was able to catch these photos

Passionflower 03

I’m on my way to settle in in the new house. Both Odin and my Cats are enjoying to get so much space, both indoor and outdoor. Until now my Cats are outside for walks in cat harness, I want them to know the garden very well, before I let them out alone, so I’m sure, they know where they live now

Passionflower 04

We have moved together many times in their life and my experience about giving them time in the cat harness for the first 2-3 weeks use to work very well

Passionflower 05

Our walks are not so long in the Summer time, it is too hot for long walks, also for Odin

Passionflower 06

I hope, that you will enjoy these photos

Passionflower 07

I found a place here, where the Passionflowers are growing and I really love to see them and to catch them in photos

Passionflower 08

I have had some challenges with my PC for a while. Something strange is going on and I have been using AntiMalware Programs, Antivirus etc. and I hope, I will be able to use my PC again as usual

Passionflower 09

I hope, that you enjoyed the Passionflowers

Do you have Passionflowers, where you live?

Wish you a happy day


Comments on: "Amazing Passionflowers – 9 Photos" (28)

  1. Love this post, Irene, catching up with you, Odin, and the cats – and of course, the nice pictures of the passion flowers. Thank you.

  2. anroworld said:

    Wow, I haven’t seen such interesting flowers, they look adorable, I’m fond of such beauties, thank you for sharing, Irene! Happy Sunday and good luck for computer!

  3. I am so pleased you are settling into your new home Irene.. these passion flowers are beautiful.. I also hope your PC gets sorted and behaves itself.. Seems a few of us here have recently been having our own various technical problems..
    Sending much love your way and enjoy your new Week Irene.. xxx

    • Thank you very much Sue. About the PC something started to write for me, also while I tryed to post in here or just comment in anothers post. Also in my search for websites, it started writing by itself and disturbed a lot.
      Much love to you too, dear friend, wish you a new and beautiful week ❤

      • Oh dear.. I does sound like you have been hacked in some way.. Please watch your financial accounts and passwords etc.. this is often why you could be a target. ❤ And there are bogus Pay Pal emails going around at the moment too.. I even got one, and do not have an account.. They are saying your account has been comprimised and you need to give them your password etc.. So please watch for this. Love Sue

        • Yes Sue, I think so too and do also keep an eye extra open for my accounts. I do have paypal, but know that I may only go through their official page to open my account and never click at a link.
          I do receive a lot of mails, who tell about holes in security and then how to fix this by clicking at their bottoms, but I do stay away from this.
          Yesterday I found out, that my Google account has problems, I think someone tried to crack my Adblocker, because it has went down several times, why I use Edge now. Love ❤ Irene

  4. Such lovely captures of the passing flowers. I hope there is fruit in the fall for you! It’s good to hear you are all getting your new bearings and settling in. Take it easy in the summer heat. xo

  5. Wow the flower is incredible.

  6. I have honestly never seen a passion flower in my life Irene. What a unique flower ! So pretty. I am so happy to hear Odin and your cats are getting settled. You are a good mommy to your four legged babies. It is also nice to hear they have adapted nicely to wearing the harnasses on their walks. I was always told to confine them and not let them out the house for 2/3 weeks so they get used to their home, but yours seem to be used to the move and have settled in nicely.
    I hope your computer comes right, nothing is more frustrating than having computer hassles.
    Hugs to Odin and the cats and thanks for your lovely posts. x

    • Thank you for your kind comment Lynne. The cats would love to be free and alone outside now, but I don’t feel, that they are ready yet.
      My pc are dying, I think, it seems to be working and makes so much noise since the problems began.
      Hugs back to you too.

  7. Wenzanne said:

    The flowers and your pictures are lovely. Glad you are all settling in your new home.

  8. Absolutely fascinating. Nature is amazing, so delicate and intricate…like much of your jewelry!

  9. Beautiful, Irene, and no we do not have passion flower here. So happy for you that you are getting settled in your new home. Thank you for this post. ❤

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