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Dear Reader,

I have had many challenges by the years with my computer, but not as hard challenges as the last month had given me. I have been close to think, that my PC was dying this time…

The challenges started, when I searched at the web, where “someone” wrote strange signs in the search place, while I tried to write, which website I would visit. First I thought it was me making some mistakes, but by time it developed to interrupt everything, I tried to do at my PC, no matter I was online or offline.

My Windows Search opened constantly and wrote strange things to search for in my PC.

I tried my best to clean out in the PC to see, if this would help me, but no, nothing helped.

By the years I have used different Antivirus Programs, some better than others, but no matter which trusted place, as I tested my PC at online, they found nothing wrong.

I thought a lot about, what to do now. My economy was not in for a new PC, just moved to a new house and have had more than enough of expenses with this. Then I searched online for a credible company to help me with my PC.

I contacted the company after downloading their program and scanned my PC for Anti-Malware, because this program didn’t find anything wrong either.

Short time after I received an email with questions and suggestions about, what to do. This went on for many days and I received an excellent good service. They helped me through to the end, so I now can use my PC again without bad interruptions.

I was also told, which browser they would recommend me to use plus much more of very helpful suggestions to avoid such bad challenges another time.

I will really recommend this company to all of you, because I have never before received such an excellent good service, when I have had problems with my PC, for what I’m very, very grateful.

If you wish to get same good service and help, when you get digital challenges, you should really use them too

You can find the company here, their name is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


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  1. Awesome tip, Irene! Since my mini laptop was infected heavily with bugs my daughter’s boyfriend installed Malware on it and it found and eliminated everything. I also use it for my laptop and it always works well. Thank you for sharing the company. I am always glad about such tips!

    • You are welcome Erika. I was so amazed by their excellent helpful service, that I thought all my readers should know this company. In these economy times, service is not what we hear most about.

  2. Thanks, Irene. I’m glad you and your PC are now ‘fit as a fiddle’ and ready to party!

  3. This is the one I use too, Irene. I tried a new one a few months ago and it drove me mad, kept overriding me as the owner, would you believe. Years ago, back in Australia, someone installed Malwarebytes for me so I went back to them. So much easier! Glad you got it all sorted, btw!

  4. Phew. I hope all goes smoothly now.

  5. Thanks Irene for sharing your experience. I’m lucky to have moved from pc to Mac 3 years ago and haven’t had any virus issues or malware since!

  6. So pleased Irene that you have now got this problem sorted out and thank you for sharing the info. I can as you know sympathise with your problem.. And I am still getting used to my new PC which I do not like as much as my old one.. 😦 xxx Sending thoughts your way my friend..Love to you Sue xxx

    • Thank you Sue and yes, I know that you had your share of challenges with your old PC too. I really hope, that you will used to your new PC and also take very good care of this onw with so much protection as possible. It is so annoying, when everything you do, get distroyed by hackers etc.
      You are included in my daily meditation with love, dear Sue ❤

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