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Roses – 10 Photos

Rose 18

As you might know, I have not been able to do much at my PC for a while, because of problems with either hacking or malware. I got help, which I will write a post about for you to know, if you wish to avoid same kind of challenges, as I have had

I haven’t been able to post my photo-posts in this time, why I will do my best to follow up again with photos from my walks here in Spain

I hope, that you will enjoy the roses too πŸ˜€

Rose 08Rose 14Rose 07Rose 10Rose 09Rose 23Rose 26Rose 25Rose 20

Wish all of you a beautiful day


Comments on: "Roses – 10 Photos" (17)

  1. Luscious! By the way, I left a review for the earrings on Etsy yesterday. I also had two new holes punched away from the originals so in 6 weeks, when I take the studs out, I can put them on!

  2. Beautiful. Such vivid colors!

  3. Totally beautiful!

  4. Oh, so beautiful! I love roses and those are just gorgeous!

  5. What a nice way to start my day! Thanks so much for the beautiful roses, Irene.

  6. anroworld said:

    Beautiful, beautiful silent best friends…I mean roses! And their aroma is so delicious that I can eat them, joking! However, I know that jam can be prepared from some of roses and it is pretty delicious! Wonderful shots, Irene, and lovely recent jewelry products! Many success!

  7. Beautiful pictures. I love roses!

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