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Handmade Gold Jewelry Set with Lapis Lazuli & Leaves by IreneDesign2011

Beautiful Handmade Gold Jewelry Set, Earrings & Bracelet, with Lapis Lazuli & Leaves

Would you like to wear this jewelry set? Please tell me, thank you πŸ™‚

You can find this jewelry set here and other beautiful Jewelry & Accessories in my Etsy Shop

I do customize the size of the bracelet, just tell me

Wish you an amazing weekend


NB: If you have any special wishes, please contact me here or through Etsy and NOT by Facebook, as I canΒ΄t use before I get a new PC, which I wrote about yesterday

Comments on: "Lapis Lazuli Jewelry Set – 2 Photos" (21)

  1. Heartafire said:


  2. This is a nice, air, light-looking set. Nice particularly for spring and summer.

  3. I meant to type ‘airy’

  4. Love these, Irene. My Mom’s favorite stones and color.

    I’m still around, but at times I wonder how. It’s all about my heart now, and even though I have to take things much easier — according to the medical world, I’m still doing it all in my own way.

    New site,

    Good luck with the computer issues. I’m online so little now that this one should last me for the rest of my life. Now that I just jinxed my 18 month old PC, I’ll shut up and crawl back in my nest. Hugs. Angie

    • Thank you very much Angie:-)
      It is good to see you around again. I have been away for a while and have much to do. Wish you will get more good time and now I will visit your new blog. Hugs to you too.

      • Thank you, Irene. I’m on the computer so rarely lately I just don’t post very often, but really wanted to bring KyAngel back. That one is in the works, but just don’t have the stamina to work on it very long at a time any more. Even worse is that I can’t seem to find my old logo now, so I probably deleted it while trying to free some space on my computer. Hugs, Angie

        • Isn’t it possible for you to copy your logo from your old blog and safe it?
          Wish you all the best Angie πŸ™‚

          • I lost that when I deleted the old blog. I’ve been looking for that logo in my photo files, but since I have thousands of those on flash drives now. I just hope I will find it again some day soon.
            Have a wonderful weekend. I might post today, but it will depend on how I feel later.
            Hugs, Angie ❀

        • Dear Angie, I just sent your packet today, delayed by my time away. You will need to sign for the packet, just for you to know.
          Wish you a good day, Irene

          • Thank you so much, Irene. I’ll be really looking forward to mail deliveries now.
            I’ve been away for some time now, so trying to play catch-up now. That is a very difficult job, but I’m feeling better for the moment and always feel this pressure when I’m behind on things.
            Hugs, Angie ❀

            • Good to hear that you are feeling better now Angie πŸ™‚
              Please don’t stress yourself to catch up, it is not worth it.

              • I found my Angel logo, Irene. She’s flying again on my “reflections” blog that is changing a little at a time back to Kentucky Angel.
                I’ve also learned my lesson about stressing out over things. Have to keep reminding myself to take it slower, but that’s a hard lesson for me.

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