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Silver Chakra Necklace

Handmade Silver Chakra Necklace with 7 Gemstones by IreneDesign2011

Beautiful Handmade Silver Chakra Necklace with 7 Gemstones

Would you like to wear this necklace? Please tell me, thank you 🙂

You can find this necklace here and other beautiful Jewelry & Accessories in my Etsy Shop

Enjoy a relaxed day


Comments on: "Silver Chakra Necklace" (17)

  1. I always love your chakra creations Irene.. 🙂

  2. You make the necklaces, right? They are beautiful. I may have already mentioned this, but I love Etsy! There are so many wonderful things on there.

    • Hi,
      You ended up in my spam, why I first answer you now.
      Yes, I create all my jewelry and right now I sell these both at Etsy and Amazon.
      Thank you for your roses,

      • I seem to be having that problem a lot, my comments winding up in people’s spam. Does anyone out there in bloggers world know why? Or have any advice for me on this?

        • To avoid this, you can try to use people’s name in your messages, which make your comment more personal. If it continues, talk to WP, they are very helpful.

          • Do you mean the person’s name of whose blog it is (If I know it)? Or the name of the blog?

            • The blog owners name inserted into the text can avoid the spam map, because it looks more personal. Another reason can be, if you are new to the blogger, then we also end up in the spam map

              • That stinks, that new people wind up in the spam map. I am new! Ugh. For the name thing, just as an example, for a comment on your blog would I put in the comment, “Hi Irene….etc.?” Somehow that can keep it from seeming like spam? Thanks for your help on this. As a new blogger, I really appreciate it!

                • By us, who has been blogging for years, we do appreciate that there is a spam map. I use to check and empty my spam map almost daily, otherwise it will demand too much time. We do receive many e-mails, as belong in the spam and should be trashed very fast.
                  It is not only, that you are new. Now where you and I have had this talk here, you will not be spammed easy in my blog again, unless you change something in your own settings. Then there can be mistakes.
                  When we visit a new blog, for us new, and comment in a way, not personal, then the comment can end up in the spam map. Nothing happens, we get out from there again. And yes, using names in this way helps you and when you have been in there for a while, you will also appreciate not to receive the spam mails in your usual messages.

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