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Rose Quartz for Love T-shirt

You can find this T-shirt here and other beautiful accessories in my Zazzle Shop

You can choose the print at T-shirts for both Men & Women, could be a gift idea too.

As you might know, I use my gemstones for jewelry and healing and wish to share their qualities with you too. The print is made by a photo of my own Rose Quartz.

These descriptions are my own, by my believes in the quality of the gemstones.

Rose Quartz is helping us with love, both self-love and love for other souls. They support our own way in our personal development. They are kind and soft supporters.

Many have a Rose Quartz laying beside their PC, which might be a good idea, they should be able to avoid radiation from electronic devices. This is also seen, when they are beautiful light pink, when we place them beside the PC and after some time, they either become dark in the color or loose their pink light. They help us to get this radiation inside our body and only demand a cleaning as thanks for their huge help.

I clean my Rose Quartz in cold water and let them dry in shadow, before I place them back by the PC again. Keep Rose Quartz away from directly sun, otherwise the color will disappear.


Comments on: "Rose Quartz for Love T-shirt" (9)

  1. That is a sweet idea!

  2. I’m so glad I saw this tonight, Irene. My check comes in next week and I can get a shirt. I love it. Great idea.
    I didn’t know this about the Rose Quartz. The stones are lovely, so I used them without doing research into the qualities of each one. I’ll definitely be getting a Rose Quartz to keep beside my own PC the next time I go out to the gem store I have used in the past. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

    • Thank you Angie, I’m happy, that you are feeling better, otherwise you wouldn’t be at your PC 🙂
      I’m happy, that you like my idea about the T-shirts.
      Wish you a beautiful weekend too.

      • And now, Irene, I hope you have a beautiful week, free of the heavy rains we are having in this place. Today was a time to stay in and enjoy the peaceful feelings I get on rainy days.

        • Thank you very much Angie. We have had some days with rain, thunder and lightening, but not rainy days all day long. Here is still nice with comfortable temperatures in most days, so possible to be much outside and also to enjoy the coffee there.
          Wish you a new and beautiful week too, Angie 🙂

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