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Citrine for Happiness

Citrine is good for supporting our soul and by that also our happiness. Citrine is often used to exams, because it helps us to focus and calm down. I created few different items with Citrine for you to choose, what you prefer. This Citrine is my own, as I photographed to share the beauty with you

You are welcome to visit my Zazzle Shop and find more inspiration, both for gifts and for gifting yourself 🙂

Wish you a happy weekend


Comments on: "Citrine for Happiness" (22)

  1. Your ideas are so very cool! I love those shoes!

  2. I’m loving your shop, Irene. I do hope the Euro is close in value to the dollar because I want it all. I wish I had researched the gems even more now because I really want it all.

    • Thank you so very much Angie 🙂
      I’m so happy, that you like my new items. I just checked the value of USD to Euro, and 1 Euro is 1,12 USD.
      Remember that you also need to live, my friend 😀

      • Oh thank you, Irene. I have certain funds set aside for each month to spend on fun stuff for myself, a vital part of living in my personal book of life. My pantry is full and I go out when necessary for fresh produce — about three times each week, so wants and needs in this department are well met. I even have emergency supplies on hand for the bad times that occur each season. Hugs, XXX

  3. Wonderful Irene, and I have yet to visit your new shop, but I am on my way as soon as I catch up with a few more of your delights Irene.. xxx

    • Thank you Sue, you are always welcome 🙂
      I have many new ideas, but they are still ideas.

      • Hi Irene, I am back later than I thought, as I had a Windows update that lasted an hour almost.. The Windows Anniversary update again 😦 which I didn’t know it was as it simply said update version 1607 which having now looked is the Anniversary one which when I switched off my PC last time I had the crash.. So dreading turning off again now.. But Love your new site, and yes I am sure you will have wonderful new ideas of how to .. I hope you have a great Sunday Irene.. Lots of Love Sue xxx

  4. wow, absolutely fantastic idea! Many huge good luck!

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