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Inspirational Afternoon


Sunset in Spain

I had a great experience today, while I visited Facebook. Usual I only stay there for few minutes, but today I left after 2 hours, which were amazing 2 hours

I received a message about to join a Live Broadcast with H.H. Dalai Lama, as was sent from Milan, Italy in (for me) this afternoon, for many other in our world, in the morning

Dalai Lama was speaking about many interesting topics and ended up with answering questions from the people, who joined in there

It was a special experience to see Dalai Lama express his thoughts about our world and what he meant, that we all were able to do to join the goal for peace. He called this century for the Century for Compassion, which I found interesting

In here at WP, I find that we are good to show each other compassion and support each other in the most positive and beautiful way

Dalai Lama also spoke about many topics and I will not mention all here, just what I find important to share with you right now

We should promote Peace & Harmony, which are possible in several ways

Dalai Lama mentioned, when we practice Harmony and find our goals, the Compassion will be reachable

When I think about this and compare with my wonderful blogging friends in here, I think at all of you, as the reason for, why we are blogging and in same time also, how great and strong community, as we create in here

We are many, who are doing our best to be the best version of ourselves each and every day, practice love and send healing thoughts out in our world, which also end up with the Oneness, as Dalai Lama also mentioned. That we need to understand, we are all one, even we are different of skin, political view and religion

We are all equal livings and need to act like that, to respect all other kind of life, no matter, we can’t make money or profit in any way at them. We do all have same right to be here and no one are more than others

Instead of placing ourselves or others at a pedestal, we need to come down from there and be one with all others. This will reduce the distance between us and we will be better to relax and feel the Oneness

Tolerance is needed, no matter what kind of souls, as we meet. We do all have a past, with something we can feel good about and other things less good

To become more whole souls, it is great to remember, that a healthy mind and a healthy body help us to find Calmness and maybe also our purpose in life

What do you think?

Enjoy your day


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  1. Nisthur Anadi said:


  2. All very good points, Irene, and if we each held ourselves personally accountable (and not worry about what the other guy may or may not be doing), many of our ongoing issues would eventually fade away.

    Great post! 👍

    • Thank you Felicia. I agree about minding our own business instead of interrupting other souls life. What about helping each other instead?

      • Not sure about other parts of the world, but here in the states, all too often people tend to chastise and blame those in need instead of reaching out a helping.

        • I think, that this is different from place to place and country to country, Felicia.
          There are people here in Spain, as are in need because of the economic crisis, as has been here for some years now. I choose to help these people, when I can, but then there are others, as I don’t support, I admit that.
          We have many kind of people here and without mention anyone special, we have people here, who don’t need either money or food, but anyway they go and ask for everything in front of the shops. If you meet these people in another place, you might see them in big cars, beautiful clothe etc. This I call abuse of kind souls.
          I prefer to help the people, as I can see, are in real need for help.

  3. I agree. Thanks irene for this.

  4. Beautiful picture and great thoughts. I especially like where you mentioned we are to respect all life. ALL life indeed, this includes animals. 🙂

  5. Your post was beautiful, Irene. I’m glad you spent the time so joyfully today, and then cared enough to share it with us. I’m so glad we met!

    • Thank you very much Linda, you are much appreciated too 🙂
      Much were said in this two hours and I was just happy, that I had the possibility to experience this.

  6. An amazing post. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow! This is awesome!!! I did not know about that live broadcast. But a few hours ago I prepared and scheduled a post which was inspired by an excerpt from a speech of the Dalai Lama (which I included in the post). That is totally amazing.
    I can imagine what an experience this must have been, Irene! Thank you for sharing this with us!

    • You are so welcome, Erika. I saw you online in same time for a while, so I thought, that you joined too. Otherwise I would have told you…
      Exciting that we both are writing about this now 🙂

      • Ha, that was the time when I scheduled my quotes for the coming days! I am mostly only online during those times on Facebook. But perhaps I felt it … it is really stunning that around that during that time I also scheduled that particular post!

  8. I’m glad you had such an inspiring experience and for sharing it. This is a strong supporting community of friends here!

  9. How wonderful to hear the words of the Dalai Lama and to try to remember them and emulate him. Thank you for sharing this

  10. THank you for sharing his message Irene. He is so wise. 💛

  11. This is such a beautifully written post Irene.. and I am so pleased you got to listen to this wonderful man whose heart is so in-tune with the world.
    I agree about compassion, which is why we see so many disturbing things, as horrid as they are each is igniting that spark of compassion with us.. Which is bending us all to lean to be more tolerant of others .. There for the grace of God go I so to speak..
    And I whole heartedly agree with you about our WP community of friends.. Never have I been surrounded by a sea of wonderful supportive compassionate people whose hearts are beating as One..
    We were meant to gather here together Irene and be part of that collective to help heal our world..

    Many thanks for the part you play within it, and I value our own WP Friendship.
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx ❤

  12. Irene, thank you for this lovely post! I will hold your words close today.

  13. I love that you had this experience, Irene! I met the Dalia Lama in person when I was a young adult. I did not realize how incredibly important that was at the time…but I do now 😉
    Blessings to you, Irene!

    • Thank you Lorrie 🙂 I had the change to meet Dalai Lama in Denmark around 12 years ago, but right now, I don’t remember what went wrong that time.
      You were lucky too.

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