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Fuchsite helps us to find inspiration to be creative, no matter what kind of creativity, as we wish to do

Fuchsite belongs to the Heart Chakra

If I have had something in mind as an idea and don’t know, how to begin, I take my Fuchsite in front of me, hold it, look closely at it and close my eyes. Then my creativity takes over and I know exactly where to start and what to do

If I have muscle tensions, I lay down and place the Fuchsite, where I have pain. After short time it helps me to feel released. I do also use it, if I feel nervous in my stomach

I hope, that you will find my page for Gemstones & their Energies helpful. If you have further questions to the gemstones, contact me and I will do my best to help you

Enjoy your life – every day


Comments on: "Fuchsite" (9)

  1. It is a great idea to tell how to use the power of the stones. Wonderful!

  2. Fascinating, Irene. Gorgeous stone!!! ❤

  3. The stories are as interesting as the stones are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them, Irene.

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