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Tiger’s Eye


Tiger’s Eye are great for protection. It helps us to integrate our chakras in such a way, so we will get grounding in both body and soul

Tiger’s Eye belongs to three chakras. The golden color belongs to the Crown Chakra, the yellow to Solar Plexus Chakra and the brown to the Root Chakra

When I feel in doubt, what to do or how to do things correct and ethical, I use Tiger’s Eye, because it gives me with astuteness, which again help to get good overview and a clearly mind

When I learn new people to know, I often use to wear Tiger’s Eye either in my jewelry or in my pocket to help me to see clearly, if these people are good for me or not. I get a clear understanding and feel, that I’m able to go behind their mask

For many years I have had challenges about remembering good. When I need a boost for my concentration, I use Tiger’s Eye in the rooms, where I stay in, because the energies are spreading all over. It helps me to go on, until I end my projects, instead of giving up halfway

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Comments on: "Tiger’s Eye" (13)

  1. That was interesting. So the tiger eye actually protects you from top to bottom since it includes the upper, the middle, and the lowermost chakra. So it keeps the flow going throughout the chakras in some way! Amazing!

  2. Amazing, Irene. Just amazing! I do have Tiger’s Eye and I have someplace I’m going this evening where I know one person who does not like me and I truly don’t feel comfortable around. I’m taking this with me to see if it makes a difference!!!! 🙂 ❤

  3. That is so interesting Irene. I have always liked the Tiger’s Eye, and now it fascinates me even more 🙂

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