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Green Fluorite


Green Fluorite is one of the best gemstones to stabilize our inner balance. It is a very powerful gemstone and belong to the Heart Chakra

I use Green Fluorite, when I feel, that I need to find myself and my emotions are out swimming somewhere. It helps so good to find the emotional balance, when I feel, that I have given all away to help others and then stand and don’t know, where to start, to find myself again

By expanding the consciousness, it advances the mind to greater mental and spiritual  awareness. I find it to be a booster, when I feel out of balance

Enjoy your life


Comments on: "Green Fluorite" (5)

  1. Another one that sounds just perfect to me…. it would be wonderful to have some support to get into balance again!

  2. Beautiful stone, Irene. Always one of my favorites, probably because it’s one of my fave colors. I’ve been MIA lately because of my slow, overloaded computer. A friend from down the hall is helping me fix it, if it can be fixed. My hard drive is overloaded with files that need to be deleted that I’m afraid to touch, so he is working on that for me. I’m going to make back-up copies of my photos, just in case I have to reset the computer back to factory default. Right now I’m just lucky I was able to open my Reader. I can’t get my blog open for posting anything, but at least maybe I can catch up on my reading. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Thank you Angie, I love Fluorite in all colors.
      I’m so very happy to see your here again, so long time ago, dear friend.
      Take good care of yourself and wish you all good luck with your computer.
      Enjoy your weekend too 🙂

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