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Today I will show you a T-shirt from my collection:

Sunrise in November in Spain

The T-shirt is available to both men and women

I would love to hear, what you think, thank you 🙂

You are welcome to visit my Zazzle Shop for more ideas

Enjoy your weekend


Comments on: "Sunrise in November in Spain T-shirt" (11)

  1. I think it’s lovely, Irene. I really love the ones I bought, both long sleeves because I’m always cold lately. This one is equally beautiful.

    • Thank you very much Angie, I didn’t know, it was you, as bought these T-shirts. I could only see, that they were sold. Thank you for telling me. Wish you a beautiful weekend, dear friend 🙂

      • It was me, and I really love them. I’m so happy they came in long sleeves as well as short sleeves. I even wear fleece shirts now, and flannel is always in the wardrobe also.

        • Great to hear, that you are happy for them Angie. I decided to let it up to my customers to choose their model of T-shirt, because some people wish them short and others as long sleeves, so I just show an example at a T-shirt and all are possible for both women and men.
          I do also wear warm clothe here now Angie. I can be lucky to have sun in midday and maybe be able to enjoy my coffee outside in the afternoon, but mornings, evenings and nights are also cold here now.

          • We are having freezing mornings here now, IRene. It warms up in the afternoon, but the rest of the time it just stays so cold. I keep my apartment cold also, because of the MS, so I’m wearing three or four layers of clothing most of the time. I am beginning to enjoy wearing the layers though, so it doesn’t bother me. The only thing is the cold invading my joints and bones. That hurts!

            • Isn’t it possible to have just a little warm in your place, so you can avoid the pains?

              • Oh, I keep the heat set at 70 F. and for most people that is warm enough. I’m just very cold natured now that I’ve lost close to 100 pounds. Some of my friends come in with short sleeves and short pants, and I freeze more just looking at them, but if they are comfortable that’s okay. I can remember when I was hot all the time.

  2. Oh to see those wonderful Sunrises Irene.. Love the T shirt xx

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