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Today I will show you a Mug from my new Collection:

Herkimer Diamond for Attunement

I would love to know, what you think, thank you 🙂

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Wish you a great day



Comments on: "Herkimer Diamond for Attunement Mug" (6)

  1. looks like a more practical
    & affordable alternative
    to an engagement diamond, Irene 🙂

  2. Beautiful, Irene.

  3. Irene….i would love to know more about your take on attunement and why this gemstone is about attunement? I am a therapist doing a PhD on attunement with adopted children in music therapy so your blog interested me! Its a beautiful image by the way. Joy

    • Thank you Joy, I will answer you out from a spiritual view, not a physical proved view. Gemstones can support our healing, but should not be used instead of a visit at the doctor, when needed.
      Herkimer Diamond, as is a rock crystal, found only down under New York. It has some black points inside too.
      I have used it for attunement in the way of programming it with knowledge, which can be used by the receiver, if she/he is developed mentally and open to receive this kind of messages. For myself, I have used it to help finding the ways out of some heavy troubles, where I needed insight to be released. In one of these cases, I wear this gemstone at my skin with some patch for sensitive skin to keep it there, meditate to find answers and after a little time, sometimes days, I found the answer and did, what I had to do and were out of my troubles.
      When we meditate much, we can get an insight in something much more than just ourselves. By time, we become able to see the world as one, if we are open to see and get attunements this way too. Here I use Herkimer Diamond, because it helps me to see, when I become in doubt, if what I see, also is right.
      I will mention, that I am not religious, just to make that clear.
      I hope, this can help you.
      When you are working with kids, you can do much for them with gemstones to support their development. I will not advice you to use the Herkimer Diamond at the kids, they are very strong and very energetic gemstones. You can wear one, while you are studying and while you work with the kids, this could help you to find solutions, as you never thought about before.
      Best wishes,

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