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Morning in Spain – 8 Photos


While I was out in the nature with Odin, before we reached the beach in the morning, I saw this beautiful Sunrise and wished to share with you


It is Autumn/Fall here too and very cold in the nights. As you can see, the waves were big and there were many of them


Usually the Mediterranean Sea are more quiet and this beach a little protected because of, where it is. Only in very strong weather we see so much live here


Odin & I needed to jump for a big wave, as reached close to us at the beach


I love these waves and enjoy to stand and just watch the sea


After my meditation that morning I felt so clear in my mind


How is the sea reacting now, where you are living in our world?



I hope you enjoyed our morning too


Comments on: "Morning in Spain – 8 Photos" (26)

  1. I so enjoyed my walk with you and Odin along the shore line dear Irene.. Listening to the rhythm of the waves can be so relaxing as they crash upon the shore line.. You could see the calming of the waves after your meditation.. Beautiful images you have shared Irene..
    Today here too only in the last five minutes has the Sun come out..
    See what effect you have passed along LOL

    I always love your morning walks.. Thank you for sharing them Irene.. xx

  2. Oh, it does make a great effect on me while I am next to the sea! I am just lack of this opportunity now! Thank you for bringing me there, Irene!

  3. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience.

  4. I loooove taking picture-walks… A friend of mine in Denmark sometimes takes me on walks like that… sending me pictures from along the way. Thanks for sharing yours too 🙂

  5. Beautiful photos, Irene. Thanks for sharing a bit of your world today. I wish we lived near the ocean. We’re practically in the middle of the U.S., so no oceans for us. :0( You make me happy when you share these with me. Thank you.

  6. Thanks for sharing your walk with us Irene. Your photos are beautiful!

  7. Stunning pic’s Irene and I thoroughly enjoyed my walk 🙂

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