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Dear Reader

Dear New Readers & Followers

I do remember, how it was as being a new blogger. We just wish to get many new followers and this very fast. There are many ways to find new followers and you can read about some of the better ways here:

Please read this post:

Sometimes we can think, that the best we can do to another blogger is to follow them, but no, this is not the case. I hope, that you understand better now.

Best Wishes and Welcome to my blog


Comments on: "Dear Reader" (20)

  1. I so agree with you Irene. ❤

  2. Nand Kishor Lodhi said:

    Please help me to get followers..
    I am new motivational blogger

  3. Thank you Irene. Oh the mistakes I made when I started!!!

  4. Irene…question: can you give me your thoughts on going the Amazon shop route? Just curious. Thanks!

  5. I went to the post and remember it very well! Blogging is not Twitter. So, I think when you follow someone you should make it an effort to read their posts. It is not always possible since there is still life. But just following blindly is not the solution!

  6. Good advice Irene.

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