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I’m happy to be able to show you the first signs of spring in the area of Spain, where I live. When we see the Almond Trees blooming, it is spring 😀


The flowers range from white to pink at the Almond Trees


I saw this rainbow in a part, where I don’t know, where the water is coming from


I find these flowers so beautiful and they smell heavenly


All these Almond Trees in this post are wild trees, where no one take care of them any longer. As  you can see, there is an almond from last year too


What do you think about these Almond Trees?


These Almond Trees are not in full blooming yet, so I will continue to take photos, when they develope


This one is specially for you Amy, even I hope, that you will enjoy the other photos too. I photographed this around 1-2 weeks ago, after we talked about the coming spring


This Almond Tree was the first, I saw this spring. It is a private garden behind, why I wouldn’t go more close to photograph


Here you see my Rosemary blooming in my garden

I hope, that you enjoyed to see the first signs of spring in Spain


Comments on: "Spring is arrived in Spain – 10 Photos" (46)

  1. Simply beautiful, Irene! Many thanks for sharing with us! ❤

  2. Really beautiful, Irene. I’m so happy you’re able to enjoy this in person. Thanks for sharing so that your friends can feel the beginning of spring vicariously. It feels WONDERFUL!

  3. That has made me very homesick Irene.. minus degrees tonight…. lovely photos.. xx

  4. Heartafire said:

    So beautiful. Thank you Irene

  5. I did enjoy, thank you! How do the blooms on the almond tree smell???

  6. Wonderful photos 🙂

  7. Beautiful photos, Irene. Spring is actually not so far away 😊

  8. We have Azar out near us too, so early already, spring has come early yet again!

  9. How refreshing Irene! Thank you for sharing what’s happening in your neck of the woods😊

  10. Irene, I always love your tours and this one was beautiful. It is nice to see spring somewhere! We have had nothing but snow, rain, wind and cold since the beginning of January. It isn’t usually that bad here on the west coast where I live. Maybe I should move to Spain!

    Oh, about the almond trees… can anyone go and pick them? We do that with some wild blackberry bushes that are in a park near us. Those flowers are beautiful but the trees themselves look sad.

    • Thank you Lydia, I’m happy, that you enjoyed 🙂
      Yes, anyone can pick them and many other fruits around in the lost areas, so it is about being awake. The trees were well kept, years ago, but now no one take care of them any longer, so they don’t look too good themselves and they don’t give so much fruit, but the fruit taste very well.

  11. Wow, it does look like spring, so beautiful! thank you for sharing, dear Irene!

  12. As always, such beautiful pictures Irene. Spain is full of beauty! 🙂

  13. Such a marvelous tour! Thank you!

  14. OMG, how beautiful! You truly brought light to my heart with those pictures and made me just reflexively take a deep breath! Thank you for letting me know about your post and sharing this energy of life with us! 💖

  15. The almond blossom is lovely. Spring is early here in Ireland. We have had an unusually mild winter.😊

  16. So beautiful to see how the seasons unfold depending on your corner of the world.

  17. Wow – this makes my ‘warm’ -9C a little less warm Irene. Love the pics. I have never seen an almond tree before – they are lovely!

  18. […] If you are in the UK you know over the last couple of weeks there has been a huge panic due to the unusual weather in Spain and the effect that has had on the lettuce marker, however hopefully these photos will show it should be short lived before normal service is resumed, I also love the fact that for Irene it is Almond trees that signify spring whereas as for my it is the cherry blossom but both are very similar to look at […]

  19. Breathtaking Thanku xcxx

  20. Oh, Irene, what a lovely vision! We have nothing even close to almond trees in my area! Orange blossoms if we are lucky (which I am not) but I have never seen a almond tree! At the moment all I see out the window are clouds. It’s more fun doing the dishes than looking out my windows! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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