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Love has many different kind of definitions and we do all use the word Love in different ways, because we are different in mind

For one, Love can be the most important in life, if this person can be able to love one another more, than their own life

For another, Love has other definitions

I feel, that the most important must be to love one self, before we are able to love another soul with an open and honest heart. For me, this is some of a place to reach

I find it also very important to teach our kids to love themselves and that they always are worth loving. No matter, what they do, they are lovable. Sometimes we need to show our kids the way, which often works much better, than only by talking about it. Don’t be scared to tell and show your kids the way, then learn much more by, what they see, you are doing

We do all learn by life and learn by own experiences. We do acts, as are not the best choices, but they are ours, we own them, and we are responsible for these choices. If we are acting in less good ways, the only one, who are able to change this, is one selves

We are only responsible for our own life and can not blame others, if our life is going in a way, as we don’t wish it to. No one can read our thoughts, even many would like them to or even expect them to do so. Then we need to look inside and find out, which way will be the right one for us and then ACT at this. Everything else is just dreaming…

As I have mentioned before, life is, what we make out of it. Live out your dreams, don’t ever expect others to live out your dreams. No matter, how old we are, it is never too late to do something to change our circumstances. We just need to find out, what is most important for us in our life, then think deeply about this and find out, what is needed to do, for being able to change, so we can live our life, as we – until now – only have been dreaming about

Any relationship should be build at mutual respect and a kind of love. Without mutual respect it is difficult to build any kind of healthy relationship, whatever it is as a lover or a friend. The more long time, as we know each other, the more we get to know about each other. Something are very lovable and other things not

It is different, how we are developing inside a relationship. Either we are developing in same direction and the love are growing day by day, which is wonderful, when this is possible

In many relationships, we are developing in different ways, either because of job, more or new education, friends or interests. While we are young, the world seems to be open and full of possibilities. It is not always easy to choose the right path and other we change our path several times, before we find out, where we wish to stay and live in this life. While all this is going on, we can look at our friends and see, some are staying where they chose to be for many years ago, they are still there, others has been changing their path many times and some have still not found their way of life yet. When we are in a relationship for love, we do still learn new every day, if we wish to and sometimes we do develop in each direction by time. One day we might find out, that this relationship is not, what we would like it to be. We are now too different and might also have different ways of living our dream life. This can end up with a break in the relationship, which often will be the best of all involved, even there are also kids involved

If we wish to teach our kids to live and stay honest to themselves, we do also need to do exactly the same to ourselves. This is also, what they learn by and to stay in a relationship only because you have kids together, is often a bad solution

We wish all the best for our kids, this is also why, we need to teach them to live our life in love to ourselves and I don’t mean this in an egoistic way. If we teach our kids to love themselves, they will be strong enough to choose for themselves later in life, to live in a healthy and loving relationship and don’t stay in a place, where they are not able to feel alive any longer

I have been changing my path many times in my life. I have followed my dreams many times, not all went well, but I learned a lot by this, which I can use to take better choices for the rest of this life. I hope by this, to have taught my kids to live a loving life, where they are able to develop themselves and no one are allowed to stop them in this. To live and love with mutual respect


Comments on: "Love & Life" (27)

  1. Well written Irene!! You have echoed many of our thoughts .

  2. This is such a great piece, Irene! I don’t even know where to start commenting! Yes, the love for yourself is the most important love. If you don’t love yourself how can others love you? Because you will always try (unconsciously) to convince them how undeserving you are and at the same time blame everyone that you are not loved… Also, I think we can only really love others when we love ourselves because the love we share has a different origin.
    I couldn’t agree more what you wrote about relationships. We grow in them and we grow on them. They teach us the lessons we need in the most profound ways and exactly how each one needs it for their development.
    It all comes back to the love we feel for ourselves. Only then we respect ourselves and have a sense of respect for others. Only then we can be compassionate and so much more.
    Again, fantastic post, Irene!!!

  3. Irene this is such a beautifully written piece-with so many important thoughts. We must love ourselves and value our self worth- it is true. We learn from what we do, which is so important too. I love your photo- it is breathtaking

  4. Dear Irene, you feel life so right, you interpret love so wisely. I so agree with you and like your attitude. All of us should love and spread love, then this world can be much better. You have a wonderful soul! Great piece!

  5. Irene, I love that you draw upon the journey of your life when you write, and that you share your journey and learning with us. I am always gladdened by your words.

  6. This is so inspiring, Irene! So very glad to read this today.

  7. Perfectly said, beautiful Irene.
    Sharing ❤ xxx

  8. Reblogged this on Maria Wind Talker and commented:
    Beautiful truths ❤

  9. Irene… it took me a while to get here as I waded down my email list.. lol. But wow.. so worth waiting for..
    What a beautiful enlightening post.. So much wisdom here Irene..

    Yes we have to set examples to our children by learning to live in love and show by our actions.. In our caring and compassion, not by judging and anger and intolerance..

    So true we are responsible for our actions and our thoughts..
    It all begins with Us.. What we give out comes back..

    And if we do not love ourselves.. How can we truly love another.. We have much to look in the mirror for..
    Bless you Irene for this wonderful piece of writing.. I really enjoyed reading it..

    Hugs Sue xxx ❤

  10. Very nice said! And so inspiring for me. Thank you.

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