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We do all experience and meet challenges in our life, some meet more than others and we can just hope, that we are able to handle the challenges, as each of us meet in life

When I look back at my life, I see a lot of positive experiences, which make me happy to think about. Some times have been more fun than others, that is life

I got my kids very early in life and I did never regret to get them, even it was early and more life experiences might have helped me in many ways. I have two adult kids, the first just before I became 20 years old and the second three years later. I have been young with my kids, which has been good in some ways, because went they became teenagers, I still did remember, how it was to be a teenager myself. Not easy…

I have been through many great times, but also times as I could live without. I do know, that all of this have made me to the person, as I am today, but I could still live without these. I have had many times, where I wished, that I had more guidance and support, than I had back then, but what doesn’t kill us, makes us usually stronger

I haven’t been to good to find the best partners, while I was younger. Short time ago, I got to know, that I have been an idiot-magnet sometimes, which I today easily only can agree about. I think and hope, that I now have learned by my mistakes

When we meet idiots, psychopaths, sociopaths etc. then it is not possible not to be damaged in different ways. These kind of monsters, they are not humans – I deny to call them humans – they destroy everyone and everything, as they come close to and unfortunately, they are not always easy to spot up in front, then it would be more easy to avoid them

I did meet this kind of monsters and several of them. They have damaged my soul very much and I have worked very hard and still do, to be healed from all those years

For many years, I have had interest in alternative ways of living, healing, gemstones, meditation etc. In the beginning I worked with these things on and off, later I found out, how much I feel, that the gemstones have helped me in my healing, why I continue to use them in many ways and for some years also to create jewelry with

When I wear jewelry with gemstones, I can feel their power. They can never go instead of a doctors visit, when this is needed, but they can support our healing beside the doctors work

Today I do meditations daily, sometimes several times daily I do also use gemstones, while I meditate, specially when I send healing thoughts to other souls in need. I know, they support me to send, what is needed

Last year I went vegetarian again, which I did not regret. I feel so much better in my body and mind after this. I do yoga, both in a class and at home and this help me to get into a better shape and helps my body to heal too

There are many ways, as we can go, when we wish to heal our wounds from earlier in this life. I chose personal development by many reasons, most of all to learn myself to know, to learn my own limitations for now, then I had something to work from and could see, how far I come day by day

It was a big challenge for me to move to Spain, which I did 4 1/2 years ago. I have been much alone, specially in the first years here, where my Spanish was almost not existing, which makes it difficult to communicate with anyone, when I rarely met people, who were able to speak anything else than Spanish or Catalan

In these first years, I really got to know myself at positive and less positive ways, found my strength after some while and the will to survive, live and enjoy my life. When you are much alone, you have a lot of time to think, which I also did and I got to know myself so well, that I also found out, that I needed help for healing my soul

I read a lot, communicated online with people, read more and got to learn, how I could help myself to heal. First of all, I needed to find out, what to heal from, because there were several reasons. Then I learned, that by forgiving first myself, for at all to let anyone hurt me, was first step. Next step was to forgive the monsters, as did hurt me. This step was the most difficult to come through, until I found out, that I didn’t need to forgive their bad acting, which are not possible to ever forgive, but “only” their existence as being monsters and not humans. I found this as the most difficult, as I have ever learned to do in my life, but after I did, I found out, that I got many energies released from my soul. Today I feel more free than ever before in my life

When I found out to forgive, not for them, but for me, to find my freedom to live, this was the best, I ever have done for myself

Now you know a little more about, why I love to work with gemstones and their energies, they have been priceless in their support for me.

Enjoy your life – while you still are able to




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  1. I’m glad you have managed to work through so much. Why do so many of us choose ‘monsters’? I’m beginning to suspect it’s because there are more monsters than otherwise. And they’re so good at hiding their true characters. Keep strong and carpe diem!

    • Maybe we never learned, how to protect ourselves in the right way, Sarah.
      Maybe our self-confidence was not in the top back then. The answers are many, I think.
      You must stay strong too, dear friend.

      • You’re absolutely right. That certainly was the case for me. My inadequate parents sent me out into the world as a terrified, insecure nobody and I was desperate for love. I will stay strong. x

  2. Beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing more about you!

  3. I don’t know what to say. I just take a deep bow first, Irene! Yes, I agree fully! At one point you can forgive yourself because you did not know it any better and when you did you tried to change something. But to forgive others is still difficult! But it is amazing how you found your way to do it. We need to find a way because in the end, not forgiving harms the hurting soul the most. I can imagine how scary it was in the beginning, to be all by yourself but at the same time how healing it has become. You found the greater purpose for yourself and for others in the gemstones. And your understanding and compassion originate from all you went through. You are a light in this world and I am happy and thankful that your shine touches me here every day!
    Btw. I like the expression: Idiot-magnet! So nailing!!!

  4. Heartafire said:

    It is wonderful to learn more about you Irene. You have had a very full life and I congratulate you on finding your way under difficult circumstances. You are a true gem, thank you again for sharing and for the beauty you bring to us through your craft each day! 💐

  5. A very powerful share Irene… best to you!!! Never ever loose site of your gifts and talents….love your work!!

  6. We do go through a lot in our lives and make many choices – some good, some not so good. But choosing how we deal with our bad choices is what allows us to move forward…or not.

    Your obvious strength has kept moving you forward, Irene. Even when you felt stuck or in a rut, there was still a plan in the making.

    Much respect to you for taking risks, trying new things and LIVING. You set an example many of us can learn from. 💜

  7. Thank you for sharing, Irene. Healing is a day to day process and looking at how far you have come you didn’t let the monsters dehumanize you. Blessings to you in all your days as you continue your journey.

  8. You have such an open heart, and a lot of courage Irene. Thank you for being here in this community and sharing so much with us. You are my hero 💛

  9. Oh Irene! How brave of you to write this. How many lessons you have learned and how much you have grown. I am so proud of you! 💖💖😇

  10. You are so generous to share your history with us. I have always thought you as an incredibly kind person, extremely sincere, intuitive and positive. Often times these traits are developed from tough experiences that are overcome making the person look inward. I wouldn’t have guessed this was your story, but knowing it now, I am not surprised. I appreciate and admire you more than ever before Irene. There is a real strength in your gentleness and wisdom. Peace, love and light to you Irene. Xx

  11. This is a beautiful read Irene.
    Thank you so much for sharing a part of your life with us.
    Life is not easy, and we all make mistakes and bad choices. I am so pleased that you have found a way, to be you, and to enjoy you and to be healed from things of the past.
    Have a beautiful day. x

  12. Great and energitic post Irene. I admire your courage and Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  13. Irene, thank you for sharing your life and work with us. It feels good to me to have more understanding of your love of gems, and to know more about your life journey. I am so appreciative of you.

  14. Good for you Irene. You are stronger than you think!

  15. Dear Irene, I am glad that not easy life make you a stronger and happier person, not everyone is able to do it. Life is life, never too happy, but can be happier if we try hard. You did it and you should be proud of yourself. I feel that you spread positive energy and make your kind contribution to this world!

    • Thank you for your very kind comment, Ann. I do my best to spread positive energy around me. We can all do much, it just demand, that we are willing to go for it and do the hard work first, which is all worth it.

  16. Beautiful heart opening Irene. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, you are right, forgiveness of others can only be fully achieved when we forgive ourselves. ❤ to you xxx

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