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Odin & I had a walk to check out, how much more close to the spring, we are now


The Almond Trees are now in full bloom and some of them have lost their flowers already now


All the Almond Trees, as I show you here, are wild now, no one have been taking care of them for many years


I really love these Almond Flowers, they are so beautiful





Here Odin needed a break and rolled and enjoyed himself


These flowers were hided to the small street out left for the trees


When I saw them, I just needed to photograph them, such a nice warm color this time at the year

I hope, that you enjoyed our walk


Comments on: "Spring in March in Spain – 10 Photos" (49)

  1. Beautiful photos, Irene! *Waves to Odin*

  2. gwenniesgardenworld said:

    Do you live in Spain ? !!! I love Spain and the almond tree’s in bloom !

    • Yes, I do and I have lived here for 4 1/2 years now.
      I enjoy the Almond Trees so much, they smell so amazing and are so beautiful in several colors 🙂

      • gwenniesgardenworld said:

        I so want to live in Spain but my husband is not keen on the idea. I hate our Belgian climate !!! and I love Spain !!!

        • I will say, that your climate is not so bad. Here is most nice in the spring and the autumn, in the summer it is too warm, often between 35-45 C. Then you need to stay out of the sun, and better stay inside, not to get sun even in the shadow.
          I have visited Belgium in spring, summer and autumn and yes, you get some rain, which also is why, you have a beautiful green country 🙂

          • gwenniesgardenworld said:

            There are advantages and disadvantages to every climate ofcourse but I would love to move to Spain for the Winter months and then come back in Spring, now I want to go to bed in November and come out at the end of March 😀

            • Here is more warm in the winter, yes, but then please remember, that only few houses here are insulated at all. The houses are build to keep out the sun and warm, which they are good to.
              I do understand you, I do also enjoy my life here and we see more of the sun, also in the winter 🙂

              • gwenniesgardenworld said:

                Spain has a big place in my heart, I was 7 when we first visited it and I spent many beautiful vacations there…..

  3. Oh, how beautiful! In the late afternoon the sun came out and it was spring immediately! Your photos are an extension of that feeling!

  4. Beautiful! I wish we were so close to spring, but there is still snow on the ground here!

  5. Do they turn into almond nuts?

  6. Your part of the world is beautiful, Irene. Thanks to you and Odin for sharing.

  7. Stunning pics Irene as always. I love your pic’s, makes me feel the beauty there. Hugs to Odin. 🙂 x

  8. Oh those Almond trees are just beautiful Irene.. I am so pleased I kept scrolling in my reader this afternoon.. Before I shut down for the weekend.. Lots of LOVE.. Sue xxx

  9. Irene it’s so pretty. We had some flowers blooming here but just had freezing cold and snow. I worry what that will do.

  10. anroworld said:

    Oh, you’ve got real spring in Spain, it does look so good. We have here first warm days, snow has melted, birds started calling spring. Nothing blooms yet, since it’s cold yet, but spring is in the air and it feels good!

    • Thank you Ann, I’m happy, that you enjoyed our spring here. It is also cold here, when there is no sun, but in sunny times, I can enjoy my tea outside directly in the sun.

  11. Irene, it is nice to see Odin out enjoying himself! Those flowers in the last picture. They look like some my Mom planted a long time ago. I think she called them Bird of Paradise but I might be wrong! I haven’t seen them since I was young.

    • Thank you Lydia, these are not Bird Of Paradise, they look different, but I will try to find the name 🙂
      Bird Of Paradise have more light orange flowers and are open in the flower, just like a bird.

      • Ahh, yes. It was hard to tell the colour and I thought maybe the flowers just hadn’t opened yet! They are still beautiful. Don’t worry if you can’t get the name.

  12. beautiful and so peaceful!

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