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Beautiful Handmade Silver Chakra Bracelet with 7 Gemstones

Red Ruby belong to the Root Chakra, support our self-worth and grounding

Orange Topaz belong to the Sacral Chakra, support detoxing and give optimism

Yellow Jade belong to the Solar Plexus Chakra, support inner peace

Green Cat Eye belong to the Heart Chakra, support our intuition and happiness

Blue Topaz belong to the Throat Chakra, support calmness, help us to live in the moment. Give strength to our leader abilities

Purple Jade belong to the Pineal Chakra, support new energy and the feelings to avoid stress by giving the abundance to look through the challenges

Carved White Coral belong to the Crown Chakra, support our intuitive attention and ar very healing in all chakras

Would you like to wear this bracelet? Please tell me, thank you 🙂

You can find this bracelet here and other beautiful Jewelry & Accessories in my Etsy Shop

I do customize to your size, just tell me

Wish you an amazing day


Comments on: "Chakra Bracelet with 7 Gemstones" (15)

  1. I have one of Irene’s chakra bracelets… love it.

  2. The chakra bracelet! I love it!

  3. Heartafire said:

    A gorgeous rainbow of color…lovely Irene!

  4. Beautiful, as always. I learned about a new stone today, too: purple jade. I had no idea there was such a thing. 🙂

    • Thank you Cynthia and you are so welcome 🙂
      I’m a little behind at your blog, haven’t had too much abundance for a while, but I will come.

      • Irene – your presence, thoughtfulness and compassion make me smile. No worries! I just appreciate the beauty that you’re creating for the world. 🙂 Besides, I’m traveling and helping/visiting family and rather behind, too. Hehe. We’ll get there. In our own time. Sending hugs and light. xo

  5. Very, very happy and pretty bracelet!

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