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Sandstorm 1

We have had Sand Storm in Spain today, it comes from Africa and pass the Mediterranean Sea. This gives much dust all over here and if we have washed clothe and hanged this outside, we can start all over again. You can see the dust over the sea here, first I thought there were fire, but found out, it was Sand Storm instead, not so dangerous…

Sandstorm 4

I photographed these photos, while I walked with Odin in the afternoon

Sandstorm 7

We are not far from the sea here, but I didn’t feel like going there in this dust

Sandstorm 3

Here you can see the dust change the color of our usual beautiful blue sky

Sandstorm 6

Here we look from a little more far away

Sandstorm 2

We pass from here, when we go for our walks, away from most houses

Sandstorm 8

Here you can see both the beautiful blue sky and the Sand Storm

Sandstorm 5

Β This is our usual place for walking at the moment and the sand did fly here too

I hope, that you enjoyed to join us



Comments on: "Sand Storm in Spain – 8 Photos" (19)

  1. gwenniesgardenworld said:

    that sand comes all the way to Belgium and gives us red dust on the cars…that is if the wind keeps comming from the South, we get it a couple of time per year

  2. Wow. We have something like this in Arizona, but thankfully, not here in Arkansas. We have a LOT more dust than others just being on top of the hill, but I’m glad we don’t have to contend with THAT much. I hope it blows AWAY from you. Thanks for sharing the amazing pictures, Irene.

    • Thank you, Linda. This storm comes from the sea and directly to all of us, who are living just a little close here. I live about 300 meter from the sea.
      I was told, that many parts of Spain were hit by this yesterday. I hope, it will be away today.

  3. That’s quite a sight, some weather I have never experienced (other than sand whipping about the shore). I suspect this is far more intense than that, though.

  4. I can relate all too well, Irene. Sand storms are a regular occurrence here in Arizona. Even without them, there is always dust/sand in the air because of the dry, arid climate of the desert. If you like to open windows and doors the way I do it means having to dust nearly every day.

  5. I’ve seen pictures of sand storms but never experienced one. I don’t imagine there is anything pleasant about it!

  6. Oh, my goodness, Irene. I thought we had it bad a week ago with our cold, straight line winds that sounded like they would blow us into the next hemisphere! At least we didn’t have dust to go with it. Beautiful photos, though. I’m in love with the area you are living in. ❀

    • Thank you for joining us, Angie πŸ™‚
      It is not so bad here, more the dust all over here, which demand so much cleaning of all. Just imagine the windows and cars.I really like this area ❀

  7. anroworld said:

    Oh my, it’s good you stayed away from it, looks pretty unpleasant, to say the least! However, the views captured are wonderful, dear Irene!

  8. Gosh, I am pleased the sand storm was not too hectic. Frustrating about the washing though. Such beautiful pics Irene. Thank you for sharing your walk with me. Hugs for Odin πŸ™‚

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