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Beautiful Handmade Silver Bracelet with Facetted Blue Vein Agate

Blue Vein Agate belong to the Throat Chakra and Root Chakra. Blue Vein Agate support our inner balance and help us to see, what is needed to say or not. Agate is a grounding gemstone, which help us to find our own path in the world

Would you like to wear this bracelet? Please tell me, thank you šŸ™‚

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I do customize to your size, just tell me

Update: My dog Odin is at the hospital today and going through lots of tests after first being tested by our usual vet here both last week and today. They found an infection in last week, for what he will be treated for 3 weeks. Odin has been bleeding from one side of his nose since last week and through the weekend, it became worse and worse. So please forgive me not to come around at all your blogs at the moment. I have been very close to Odin for the last week and didn’t leave him for 5 minutes since Friday, where I needed to go for buying the medication to him. He has been very scared, when he has been bleeding so much, which is fully understandable. Please send him kind thoughts and wishes, he really needs that now. The vet talked about a possible cancer, even if Odin is only 4 years old. This is really a tough time for all of us.

Wish you a good day


Comments on: "Facetted Blue Vein Agate Bracelet + Update" (34)

  1. Heartafire said:

    My most positive thoughts go out to you and Odin Irene. Our beloved pets are part if our family and I can imagine the distress you and Odin are going through. May he be well soon. Take care of yourself and your sweet dog.

    • Thank you Holly and I do still await to hear from the vets for knowing more.

      • Heartafire said:

        My little dog had a cancerous tumor on his hind leg. I had it removed, it’s been two years, he will be ten on the 18th of May. He recovered fully. I am hoping your little dog will be fine.

        • Thank you Holly and good to hear, that your dog did recover fully.
          I just heard from the vet now. Odin has a more serious infection, than they thought from beginning. He is a big dog, around 50 kg, when healthy. He will need more strong medication now. Odin will stay in the clinic for this night, so they can keep watching him. He has had 2 times of sedation today and not all dogs handle this well. For now it looks positive and I hope, that Odin will recover soon.

  2. gwenniesgardenworld said:

    So sorry to hear about Odin, I do hope all will be good in the end ! Give him a big hug from me.

  3. Oh my, poor Odin and Irene. Sending you loving thoughts and healing vibes. May he be well again in no time šŸ’–
    Regarding the necklace, it is so beautiful. I love the different shades of blue and combined with silver it reminds me of “Frozen”. Very beautiful!

    • Thank you very much, Erika. I just heard from the vet, that Odin’s infection was more serious and he will need stronger medication. At least this sounds so positive. They will keep Odin in the clinic until tomorrow, because he has had sedation 2 times today and not all dogs handle this well. I feel released ā¤

  4. So sorry Odin isn’t feeling well, Irene. Hope all goes well and he’s up and around soon. Love and light to you both. šŸ’œ

  5. Looks awesome šŸ‘

  6. The bracelet is lovely. I’m sorry about Odin. Only a dog person can understand how deeply we care for our fur babies.

  7. Oh no – sorry about Odin. Hope he will be ok.

  8. Love love love!

  9. My heart goes out to you both. May tomorrow bring recovery and a happy outlook!

  10. There is nothing to forgive Irene… Family comes first every time.. and Odin is family xx ā¤ Beautiful colours on the bracelet.. xxx

  11. Hugs to Odin and to you Irene for being so loving and caring. Hope the bleeding stops and the medication works.
    The bracelet is beautiful Irene. Such a vibrant shade of blue, very pretty šŸ™‚

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