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Odin, Hvide & Bølle


Odin is now on the right way to get healthy again. Today has been a very good day for him. Yesterday we needed that the vet visited us again, because Odin was bleeding for hours. As you can see, he is very tired and sleep mostly of the time. Now he just need to sleep to heal best possible

Odins blanket

Just before Odin got ill, I started to create some new blankets first for the cats and then a new bed for Odin. I ended this today and when I showed him my gift, he answered by walking directly and lay down at this


As you know, I love to experiment and found this materials in the city, as I haven’t worked with for many years. Hvide (White) was the first to find this new basket and he have been using many hours there since. I made the cats baskets with a side around, because they love to use a pillow for their heads


Bølle (Bully) became very happy, when he found the next basket, which is a little smaller than the other. I did expect them to exchange baskets, because the baskets are made to fit one big and one small cat 🙂 They did not agree…..

Cats blanket

This is how the first basket looked before Hvide found it

I’m still much behind visiting your blogs and I thank you for your patience 🙂


Comments on: "Odin, Hvide & Bølle" (31)

  1. Beautiful job, Irene. It looks like the animals are very appreciative of your efforts. :0) I’m glad to hear that Odin is doing better. I hope that YOU are managing to get some extra rest from the stress of worrying about him.

    • Thank you very much, Linda 🙂
      Yes, it was nice to see, how happy all became for my work for them.
      I do my best to relax, and to sit with such handwork helps me to relax too, even if it is tough work.

  2. Those are awesome and it looks like your pets think so too! I am so glad Odin is doing better! Poor baby…but he has a good mom. 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about Odin, I hope he gets better soon. Great job on the blanket and baskets. It looks your pets know that you made something special just for them.

  4. The baskets look so cozy (from a cat perspective) and I’m glad Odin is getting some healing rest and on the right track. The three of them look so comfortable 😊

  5. It is heart-warming to see how the cats enjoy their beds. You are so skilled, Irene! Amazing!

  6. I’m sorry Odin is ill but glad he is doing better. The blankets and beds are adorable.

  7. Well done Odin. That’s a good sign.

  8. These are great! I hope the kitties love them and love them some more! They seem like they already do. I’m impressed by your talent and skill. Sending you hugs and healing light for the kitties! xo

    • Thank you Cynthia, it was Odin, my dog, who was serious ill. He was bleeding from his nose caused an infection same place. By a good vet, medication and love he is healing much better now. Thank you.

  9. Oh Irene, thank you for making my day. I have been thinking of Odin so much and wondering how he has been. I am so so happy he is getting better now. He must rest <3. I love the little beds for Hvide and Bolle. They look very happy and so comfortable in their beds 🙂 I am sure Odin is loving his as well. Nothing is better than a nice comfy bed. 🙂 x

  10. Good to hear Odin is feeling better, Irene.

  11. Well ✒ penned👍👍👍

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