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Today I will show you some pieces of the Gold Jewelry, as I have placed in the Jewelry Sales map in my Etsy Shop. I will upload more there in the next days

I have reduced all prices to around 50%, some even more, so all should have a chance to be able to buy a piece, if they wish to

I hope, that you will like the new jewelry too 🙂

Enjoy your weekend


Comments on: "More Jewelry Sale at Etsy" (14)

  1. So pretty, Irene. I hope your sale is going well.

  2. Beautiful work Irene, I have several crystals i have collected over the years. A particular favourite is Lapis Lazuli which was found in the Yukon exclusively in Canada so I have been told. Somewhere in my collection of goodies I have a piece of wire silver about the size of a Mandarin Orange that I found underground while mining… you do some very unique works… a labour of love.


    • Thank you very much, Rollo 🙂
      I love to work with crystals and have also collected many, which is very clearly, when I look around in my house 😀
      You have been lucky to find this Lapis Lazuli and also the silver.

  3. Wow, that blue color of the last bracelet is breathtaking!

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