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Dear Reader

My dog Odin has been ill since before Easter, which have given me much stress by time and because we couldn’t get a diagnose. We are still not sure about that, but should get more to know this week.

Odin got some new medication last week and it seems to work, he is not bleeding now. This gave me some peace in mind and just enough for my health to react. I went down with a virus and have used mostly of my time in my bed since Friday.

When I woke up today, I started feeling better, so I hope it will be better from now.

I have asked for your patience several times in this period and now I will need more time to get a change to catch up at your blogs. I’m still tired and need to find my energy again.

Wish you a happy day


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  1. Feel better Irene and I am glad to hear the meds are helping Odin. Take care of yourself we will still be here, your health is most important.

  2. So sorry to hear that now you’re not feeling well either. I hope they can find out what is going on with Odin soon. Prayers! Take care.

  3. Please take care!❀️

  4. I’m sorry to hear Odin isn’t well, Irene, and now you’re down, too? Rest and take care of the two of you. Sending prayers and positive thoughts to you both. ❀

  5. Sending healing energy to Odin and energy of comfort to you, dear Irene. Cher xo

  6. I’m glad the new meds are helping Odin and you are feeling better yourself. We appreciate your keeping up with our blogs.

  7. Prayers for Odin and for you!! I hope you both mend soon and the worst is behind you!!

  8. I agree with all the kind comments you’ve received. You know you’re special when you have so many people, most of whom you’ve never met face-to-face, caring about you and Odin. May both of you feel sassy soon. Thanks for giving us the update. May the news be good next week. Feel better, Irene.

  9. Hoping both of you are feeling better soon and sending healing hopes and prayers your way!

  10. Take care of yourself! And don’t worry about our blogs, it’s not important, just take care of yourself and Odin, and take time to heal. Sending much love to both of you! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  11. Pl take care Irene. Hope yourself and Odin get well soon.

  12. The most important thing is that you and Odin are doing better. Of course, this all affects your whole system as well. I am so glad that it looks like all is about to recover. Take your time and please rather give Odin a huge hug from me… and receive mine πŸ’–

  13. There’s no need to worry about blogs Irene. I hope you and Odin are both, now, fully on the road to recovery and feeling better.

  14. All the best Irene. I hope you and Odin return to full health and happiness soon.

  15. Fret not, Irene. We’re behind you whether you’re here or not. Sending hugs to both of you. x

  16. Sweet Irene, I am so sorry that you are not too well now. Rest and get better soon. I am pleased to hear the new medication is now helping Odin. I hope he continues to improve. We will always be here for you Irene. Your health and Odin’s health is very important. Hugs to you and Odin. x

  17. Sending you and Odin lots of love! ❀

  18. Dearest Irene, you come first. Never mind us. Please take care of you. I understand the stress you have been under and now you must recover and get strong again. Prayers coming your way from me. I really do hope Odin’s bleeding days are finally over!!! BIG (((HUGS))) Amy ❀

  19. Be well my friend. Say hi to Odin and give him a really good pet under the collar for me! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Ž

  20. Oh, Irene. I do hope there is rapid healing for you both! Thank you for letting us know about your hardship.

  21. So sorry you are still no closer to curing Odin. It is incredibly difficult to keep our lives together when a loved one is ill. Even if that loved one is a pet. I send you thoughts of love and healing. Hope you both are on your feet soon.

  22. Hi Irene…
    Hope you are feeling better and I am wishing the same for Odin… take your time getting back on your feet…

    Hugs from Alberta

  23. Sending love and healing light your way Irene. May you both feel better soon πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ’•

  24. I hope you and Odin feel better soon. Get some rest!

  25. I am so sorry to hear that! I hope the new meds work for Odin, and please take care of yourself and get well real soon!

  26. Wish you well Irene! Take good care

  27. anroworld said:

    Speediest recovery to your little Odin, we all are with you!

  28. Dear Irene. I had not seen this post until now.. I do hope that you and Odin are feeling much better.. Please take all the time you need to recover..
    Our blogs will still be here along with our love and friendship..
    Take care of yourselves..
    Love Sue ❀ xx

  29. I am so sorry that your were ill dear Irene!! hugs! I am glad things are better with Odin, love your sister xoxo

  30. Try to rest and recover completely, I’m very sorry that Odin is sick, take good care of him.
    Best wishes for both!!

    • I am not sure who is reading this but I hope it is read by Irene’s friends and followers. I am her daughter, my name is Claire, and would like to give you an update on this story. As I cannot guess her password to the computer, I cannot write a separate post for you to receive notifications about.

      Unfortunately my mother’s health has taken a turn for the worse. She is currently submitted to the hospital in her city. She is in the intensive care unit where they do their best to help her. She is not awake and it is very hard for all of us. My brother and I are here, and we are visiting her and taking care of Odin and the cats. Her boyfriend is here as well.

      My mom doesn’t like to be public about intimate details such as sickness, so out of respect for her, I will not go into details now. If she gets better (unfortunately yes, the “if” in this sentence is needed), it should be up to her to share it or not.

      I am not sure how to contact Amazon or Etsy, to inform about the fact that any incoming order cannot be served at the moment. If any of you know, please help me and perhaps contact them (I do not have much internet access) on our behalf and ask them to contact me directly. Her and I are connected on Facebook, so if you are connected you can find me there if you need to contact us. I will, of course, check her blog for posts.

      Please send your best thoughts our way and I will make sure to inform her about this tomorrow, when I visit her again. I am absolutely certain she could hear me today, as she fought to wake up when we were there. She will be happy when I forward her any comments from her followers. She tell me about you on a daily basis, or at least she did until Thursday morning.

      To all of you: I do not plan to write back in here, but I will check for any replies to this. At the moment we are all too devastated to communicate much. I just thought you should know why she has been silent for a while and will not be active in any near future.

      Lots of love,
      The daughter

  31. Dear sweet Irene – I’m thinking of you. Sending you healing thoughts and hope that you and Odin both pull through. We need your light here! We need your creations, your beauty, your love! Sending you so much love and light and here’s to a quick recovery! ❀

  32. Prayers to you and your family. I hope you recover and come back to add the color and smile to my feed. Best wishes to you, Irene!

  33. I seem to have gone or still going through a similar face. The rheumatoid arthritis has flared several times, leaving me fatigued and with never enough time. Feel better Irene and allow me to catch up as well.

    • I wish you a better health. I didn’t post anything since I went to the hospital the 8. of June and I don’t know when I will find the abundance for this either.

      • Don’t worry about it, you know that everybody is here for you in the meantime and always. And thank you for your well wishes. Please take care.

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