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This is my life – for now


Dear Reader

I haven’t been posting much since I came home from the hospital. Until now, I didn’t find either the needed inspiration or energy for creating new jewelry

In general, I don’t have much energy yet, which also mean, that I need to plan good, when there are things, as are necessary to get done, to save my power best possible, just to be able to do something

For this, I’m not much at WordPress yet, but I do visit and read so many posts, as I can every day

I do still go to control for my health at several doctors. They do all seem to be competent in each their areas. I have been told, that I will need to have much patience, it can take up to 2 years, before I will be in a good shape again. I find this as a really long time to wait and I don’t feel very patient either

The weather, where I live in Spain, is very good now. The last days, we have had up to 27 degrees C. I have been enjoying my garden together with my 2 old cats, BΓΈlle & Hvide and my dog, Odin. It is really nice to be able to enjoy a blue sky and clearly sunshine πŸ˜€Β  It is also nice to sit and knit in my garden

I do my meditation, when I feel for this. I hope to get back to yoga again in short time, at least to some gentle yoga. I met my teacher few days ago and he offered me to come and get a single hour of gentle yoga with him, for what I became happy for. I do know, that both yoga and meditation will help me to feel much better again

I have been “catching” two different kind of new infections inside the last weeks and got antibiotic for both, which always make me feel tired, so of course there are reasons for not having so much energy yet

For now I try my best to boost my immune system by vitamins, minerals and healthy food daily. Do you have any special advice for boosting ones energy level? If so, please tell me and thank you in advance



Wish all of you a beautiful weekend


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  1. Be well Irene.

  2. They say echinacea is good for energy levels…

  3. Its so good to hear from you Irene πŸ’• Healing must come before creating, so take time to nurture your self.
    Bring more Prana into your whole being. In your food and drink that you choose; in the air you breathe; in the sights that nourish the soul; and the warmth that nurtures your heart and senses. Adding a breathing/pranayama practice with your meditaion will help boost the lungs, as part of your immune system. I love this yin yoga practice for happy lungs:


    • Thank you so much, Val ❀
      I will view the video tomorrow, it is late here.
      When I met my teacher the other day, I told him, that a friend of mine, also a yoga teacher (You) told me to start with gentle yoga. Then he offered me to come and do this, just us. As you know, this yoga use to be powerful and energic, so I was positive surprised πŸ˜€
      I will bring more Prana into my health. Thank you for your kind advice ❀

  4. It is the hardest to be patient with oneself. But I hope you can. Try to enjoy the quiet. It is your right to take it a bit slower now. Regarding the antibiotics. You could drink an “Actimel” (if you know what that is) once a day to support the enterobacteria. That way, you don’t get sick from the side-effects of the antibiotics!

  5. take it slow and feel better at your own pace. see you when you get back )

  6. All the best Irene. Take it easy. Recovery will be slow, but it’s important not to overdo things.

  7. Sending pawsitive energy & strength πŸ’œ

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

  8. Dear Irene, it’s just wonderful to read you. I am am a strong believer in not forcing ourselves but to listen to our bodies. V C is a good antioxidant and energizer. Take good care sweet lady, with patience I’m sure you will be back strong again.

  9. Sunshine always helps with energy. I wish you speedy recovery!!!!

  10. wishing you rest
    & ease in your moving forward πŸ™‚

  11. God Bless you, Dear Irene. Because you were receiving so much in the way of drugs whilst in the hospital, I believe this is what has depleted you of your regular energy. The detoxification process can seem painstakingly long. So, to build up your good bacteria, I tell you about what my Naturopath told me. To take Saccharomyces Boulardii as this is the first probiotic the system needs to rebuild itself. As being able to digest and assimilate your nutrition is key to the body recovering, this will be a good start. I get mine through a company based here in the U.S. but they have an online store. Perhaps they could ship to you. Sending you vibes for a peace-filled return to glowing radiant health! Namaste.. Annette

  12. So so so nice to read you again Irene!

    It must be frustrating, not getting back your strenght as fast as you would like, but at least things are headed the right way! But you can only live one day at a time, and I hope you get the most out of them all πŸ™‚

    Thank you for taking the time to come and share news with us πŸ™‚

    *big big hugs* from Freezingland xx

  13. Dear Irene- I am sorry to hear you are still fighting off infections. Cinnamon and Turmeric are anti inflammatories that help to boost the immune system a little. I add cinnamon to my yogurt everyday and turmeric to tea with apple cider vinegar too, which is good for digestion. I also firmly believe in taking Vitamin C everyday as I do think it protects from getting colds. Rest and yoga I hope will help- I am sending positive thoughts your way my friend. ❀

  14. Take your time. It sounds like you have a good plan in place. I foubd a great medical herbalist who helped rebuild me from the bottom up. It took two years…🌼

  15. Irene, it’s nice to see someone who has the wisdom to do what they need to do for themselves. I don’t have any advice but appreciate all of the information everyone shared with you (I just bought some echinacea yesterday to have at home). I hope for your continued healing and comfort. ❀

  16. Dearest Irene, you were so so sick that of course it will take “time” for you to heal. Be gentle on yourself … sounds as if you really are! As for my suggestion for immunity I’ve found Echinacea to be profoundly helpful. Please do your research to buy a good brand. I am not able to give you the name where I buy my supplements because only health officials can buy from this company. If this were not the case I would in a heartbeat tell you what brand I buy. Sending you much Love today, dear friend. πŸ€—πŸ’ž

  17. Irene, this is so understandable my friend, and I am always amazed upon your recovery, and I am always happy to see you. BUT.. You really do have to think of yourself now, and not of WP.. Yes we are and I will be always here for you, I send daily in my healing book the names I have contributed..
    Now you must do as Holly says, listen to your body, and rest,.. Rest is the best medicine, and Spain and the Sun are two ingredients I would say go hand in hand to helping you on your road to recovery.
    That and your beloved four legged friends as well as your partner and friends and family who surround you in their love.

    Keep pulling in the light, remember to ASK for your own Angels healing energy to help boost your own.. And keep on meditating and doing what you are doing, in looking after yourself..

    I now am listening more to my body, and taking more time for myself also.. So have not been as active in my visits as usual to many people on WP..

    Wishing you continued healing Irene.. and stay blessed my friend..
    Love Sue πŸŒˆπŸŒΉπŸ’—πŸ˜πŸ’–

  18. Oh, Irene! May the healing settle deeply into your life!

  19. Take all the time you need to get back to good health Irene. Relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

  20. I’m happy you getting better even if slowly. All I can say is stay as active as possible to keep your physical, mental and spiritual being in motion. The antibiotics may suck your energy but don’t allow the situation as a whole drain your life forces. Always in my prayers!

  21. Dearest Irene, im so sorry that ive not kept upto posts. Considering your illness you are doing a great job if you are still reading posts and meditating. You put me to shame.
    Sorry to hear about your infection, may it pass quickley and your healing process be speedy. Sending you lots of healing and prayers.
    Love and blessings.
    Maria xx

    • Thank you very much for your kind comment, Maria. I do my best, which doesn’t mean, that I do my meditation daily, even if I wish to.
      Love to you and your fur kids ❀

  22. I think being restful lots, gazing on the views, soaking in sunlight, and then being conscious of how you spend your energy goes quite a long way. I think for now, the weather being agreeable, this is good.
    I’d add that some movement is good, maybe light walking or gentle yoga. Lots of foods fresh from the earth, herbal teas, and maybe some kefir or some other fermented thing, to help fight the antibiotic side effects.

  23. Hi Irene, it’s nice to hear from you ❀ I am glad you are in the hands of good doctors and also enjoying nice weather. Ohhh patience is not one of my strengths either.. I am sure your energy will slowly increase and, in the meantime, gentle yoga is a good course of action. Also, perhaps short walks if your doctors okay it for you would be good. And lots of fresh vegetables and fruit rather than boxed goods to eat is usually best. Hugs!!

  24. Hi Irene! Optimism and hope are great immune system boosters. Thinking of food I can advice oat bran, pomegranate, turmeric and garlic. If you don’t mind eating cottage cheese, it is good for you too as a source of potassium. Your physical exercises should be discussed with your doctor, but it won’t harm you to slowly build up your strength, little by little. I am sending you the best wishes and love ❀

    • Thank you for your advice, Inese. I do eat cheeses. My doctor in hospital told me not to live vegetarian any longer, because I have allergy to soy, which makes it very difficult to get enough of many vitamin and minerals etc. So now I do eat meat, just not too much. I’m not a big fan of meat, but need what the meat offers.

  25. May the Creator that was not created give you the energy that you need at this trying period. May His strength rest upon you as you go out and as you come in, in the name of Jesus Christ.. Amen.

  26. Allow your body time for lots of rest and recovery. Gentle Yoga and meditation sound good.

  27. Sorry we haven’t been keeping up and only just found out why you weren’t posting so much. Here’s to some great rest and recovery. Take it easy and keep well.

  28. anroworld said:

    Time is the best doctor. I believe your surroundings and your little pets will help you to recover soon. Wish you lots of energy!

  29. Stay healthy and positive – and make the most of the good weather. It sounds like a long road to complete recovery but it looks you have made some really good strides. Just stay happy and focus on rest and nutrition – everything else will fall into place.

  30. Thank you for sharing the update in regards to your health…take care of yourself!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

  31. Thanks so much for this update dearest sister! I pray for you to feel better each day and to regain your energy and strength. A very close relative of mine went through this and is still going through issues as well. Take your time and be well. Love you

  32. I completely understand you: not enough energy to tackle some new project, but at the same time you so much want to do something.
    I’m sure you will recover soon and this will be forgotten as a bad dream.
    I had the accident 25 years ago, and the complications returned and it’s been 4 years now on strong meds. I know how when people feel well or are not that much disturbed by pain and other issues it seems like complaining. The lack of energy is terrible, it is associated also with some depression. For me, definitely, maybe you escaped that.
    Well, I hope you are fine soon, and also hope I can get rid of my meds. So tiring and exhausting.
    I wish you full recovery and good new projects!

  33. Oh Irene, You went through so much and it is all just going to take time. I know you will be kind to your body though. Take time and heal nicely. Enjoy your special moments with Bolle, Hvide and Odin. I am sure they are loving all the attention. Hugs xxx

  34. My friend has a realy good phrase, Irene: “In all due timelessness”. I once got stuck halfway up a mountain, on my own all day as my husband was at work, and I had limited mobility due to a broken leg and ankle. I look back now and see it as a gift and blessing, time to dance with peace and quiet.I wish the same for you (although I’ve also omitted to say how impatient I was at the time, lol!).

    • Thank you Mo for your kind encouragement. I do know, that I got a second chance for life, for which I’m very grateful. In same time I would love to live this second chance, while I’m still able to do this. For now, I feel, that I have had time enough for stillness.

  35. Little Monster Girl said:

    Hope you feel better soon!

  36. Sending best wishes and healing prayers your way Irene. I know it is tough to wait but you will see progress as you are getting better and this will boost your energy naturally. In the meantime, be good to yourself, trust the process and the progress, rest up and eat well. You are in my prayers. Much love πŸ’™

  37. αƒ›αƒαƒ αƒ˜ αƒ­. said:

    Please get well

  38. Stay healthy and take care Irene.

  39. Dear Irene, it is so good to read your post. I, too, know the struggles of dealing with health and doctors and not having the energy to deal with it all at times. I am glad you are finding yoga and meditation working for you. I, too, have found a teacher who is helping me through exercise and well being. Write when you can, but mostly, dear friend, look after you. {{{{{hugs}}}}}

  40. I hope you get well soonβ™₯️

  41. Follow Female Defender!

  42. Irene I am so sorry to hear you have been so ill. I hope you are now on the road to recovery. Sitting in the garden and knitting sounds as though it would be very relaxing and I think that is the secret to getting well. Don’t get stressed trying to do everything but take as much time as you need for yourself. I am a big fan of olive leaf extract but find one without added sugar. It tastes horrible but I don’t think sugar is good for you.I’m sending healing positive thoughts in your direction. ❀️ Irene

  43. Irene, I’m sorry you’re dealing with all this. I’ve dealt with health issues all my life, and I find that it helps to focus on self care and on what makes you happy. For me, that means spending time in nature, with cats, with kind people, listening to music, and trying my best to appreciate each moment. Love and healing thoughts to you.

  44. Take good care of yourself Irene. I am sorry I M just finding you again You slipp from my reader and mail. It’s sinderful to have you back. 🌈❀️🌸

  45. JoHanna Massey said:

    I do hope that you are embracing a period of big self care for yourself as you mend. Howver long it takes is how long it takes. All my best to you.

  46. Managing your health is the first priority. It looks like you’ve been doing a good job of it.

  47. One or two kiwis (organic), first in the morning. And goji powder in your drinks during the day… manuka honey (18) …just the tip of a teaspoon…
    And get well soon ! πŸ€—

  48. It’s going to take time, allow yourself time… just breathe calmly and deep,y and know all is well… much love x barbara x

  49. a Coma?! I am so sorry! How did this happen? Energy is in short supply with Fibromyalgia & Chronic fatigue syndrome…perhaps you can google these two energy zappers to find help. I take a whole lot of vitamins & herbs to help me combat fibro…at least 15 a day. L-lysin, Complex B supplements, Vitamin D, and a thousand others. I can make you my list. I can tell you there is a huge difference in my day if i do not take anything. One really good one though is music. I listen to music from the 1990’s because i remember what it felt like to be so young & strong. Music is always there as therapy. Please take care. ~amy

    • Thank you Amy. I got an infection in my lungs, the short version, and thought it was influenza, why I met up a little late at the hospital. One day more and I would have been dead, said the doctors after.
      I survived and am grateful for each day, as I get. I do take lots of supplements now, some I stopped with again, not to overdose either. I will continue with Echinacea for building up my immun system, Iron to get more energy, Turmeric for the joints to avoid much stronger painkillers. I hope this will be possible by time, because I can’t use the usual medications, my body can’t stand these. So I do get really strong painkillers, which I would like to get off.
      Usual vitamin and minerals, Ginkgo Biloba as has helped my brain with improved memory. I did get much more, but I got a little scared to overdose too.
      I do feel much better again, even if I can expect up to 2 years, before feeling totally up again.
      I like music too, but often I need peace and forget to put on music.
      Take care too, my friend, so nice to see you again.

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