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You should read this post, if you also wish to save space for your medias at WordPress, Chris is really kind to share this 😀

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Have you been using images that are VERY LARGE, and/or, PNG Format?

Have you been reblogging and noticed how LARGE, some folks make their images?


Running out of space in your WordPress Media Storage and thinking about paying for more?

Unless you are displaying your own images / photos, and WANT to have them full size

Before you spend any money, go through your Media Storage images and reduce their sizes

You might be shocked at how much longer you can work with the storage space you save.

Step 1:

Select an image and click on it to see it’s size (width x height in pixels)


how much it ‘weighs’ (i.e., how many KB or MB it is):

Step 2

My example has already been adjusted, but you can see it’s size and weight

To reduce them, click on the Edit Image button shown under the image:


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Comments on: "Blogger Tip 01 – How to Resize Images inside your WordPress Media and SAVE STORAGE SPACE.." (38)

  1. Good advice. Thanks, Irene. It’s always nice when a page with lots of photographs loads quickly.

  2. Awesome Info and thanks for sharing this Irene. I might have to at some point go through all my pictures

  3. Thanks for sharing, Irene ❤️

  4. Wagnificient advice!

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

  5. Excellent tips! Very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for the share, Irene. I’ve been blogging for more then 5 years and still have a lot of storage for my photos. I always resize before I import. Much Love to you!! 💝

    • You are welcome Amy. I will need to use much time to resize all my photos, especially the nature photos, where many of my photos are really huge, like between 8-12 mb for each one. This demands much space. Chris have helped me much here.

      • All I can say is good luck! I know how time consuming that is. It’s not hard once you know what you are doing …. So glad you have help!! 🙂

        • Thank you, Amy. In the beginning of my blogging time, I didn’t see this with the maximum sizes, otherwise I would have changed it from the beginning too.
          Mostly of my jewelry photos are small, but some of the nature photos are really huge and take up lots of space. By time, I will get through all of them.

  7. Thanks for sharing this. Will pop over to Chris as I am nearly out of space. Sounds like a good idea.

  8. Thank you for sharing, Irene.

  9. Good to know! Thank you Irene 💛

  10. I like to upload full sized images and resize them in WordPress. They seem to look cleaner. And it’s always better to have reduce the amount of bandwidth a post uses.Good advice.

  11. JoHanna Massey said:

    Excellent advice. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Great advice. People think that big images change something. In fact, the monitor can only show resolution of 72 px. Big pixels we need for printing, not for the Web. Heavy images are a big nuisance. They are opening very slow and who has time to wait until my page loads? No one 🙂 Simple software that comes with Windows has a resizing function and some other basic editing functions. No need to go online, everything is already in computer. I post 15-30 images on each blog, and still use my 10 Euros I paid for my storage 4 years ago 🙂

  13. Loading time is important. I always resize most of my images. It can be so that I forget to resize some pictures, but most of them should load quite quickly. We have lots of software to do this with just one click. I have many thousands of images for blogs and all other sites. Well, resizing is the easiest part.
    It’s good you reminded bloggers about this.

  14. This was a very useful tip Irene, I am so pleased you did, I have many images on my site and very little space left for uploads.. 🙂 So thank YOU xx x<3

  15. I remembered this post and went back to it….with all of the pictures I post, have been going back into the library and reducing them…huge difference….thanks again for sharing this post, Irene!

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