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Dear Reader

I will not be much online for a while, so please forgive me for not visiting your blogs so much.

The road, where I live, lost our electricity yesterday morning. There had an explosion in the cables and much needed to be changed for new parts. 

I live in a rented house and the others are living here do own their houses. In this case, all the owners needed to agree to buy and pay for the repair of our electricity, before the electricians began their work. 

We ended up having electricity in the middle of the evening, after more workers were called in because of mistakes at the public cables too.

Unfortunately my PC screen went up in smoke, while the repair went on and my router died in same time, so I do only have my mobile for now.

Wish all of you a beautiful day, Irene

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  1. Life is always tossing obstacles at us! So sorry for your dilemma, Irene. Sending positive wishes your way for things to get up and working again soon. 💜

  2. All the best Irene. Take care of yourself. See you when you return.

  3. Good luck. We’ll be here when you’re back.

  4. So sorry to hear about your troubles. 😦 I recently survived a 2 week loss of my laptop and it’s hard. I hope you’re able to get back on soon!

  5. Sounds pretty awful. I hope everything is resolved for you soon Irene. Sending you a hug.🌼

  6. Oh no Irene that’s terrible. Hope you are able to get your router and computer working again! Glad you at least have your mobile.

  7. Fingers crossed your problems are resolved quickly. Electricity can do dreadful things to computers and equipment 😦

  8. Ohh that’s so well…

  9. Hope all is back to normal soon Irene.. xxx

  10. No one is going anywhere Irene. We will all be here when you come back. Take care!

  11. Such frustrations life tosses at us, lobs at us, or hurls at us! I hope everything gets sorted out soon. We’ll be here waiting for your return Irene.

  12. gwenniesgardenworld said:

    So sorry to hear this !! I hope it is not too cold where you live ! See you soon on WordPress again !

  13. Sorry to hear this, Irene. I do hope you can get your pc up and running again. If I understand right, you do have some electricity?

  14. I hope you are functioning at full force soon. Hurry back Irene. ❤

  15. So sorry to hear you have had this problem Irene and had a power surge that wiped out our PC and modem.. Sending my thoughts my friend.. And do not worry about answering.. Love to you xxx ❤

  16. Irene that’s awful. I hope you get sorted soon.

  17. So sorry you have so much trouble. Sending good energy too!

  18. Where do you live?

  19. Oh how dreadful. Good luck getting those issues resolved.

  20. I hope this incident has not affected your health in any way, dear Irene!

  21. anroworld said:

    Ohh, such awful news, however, do not worry, situation will improve! We will be waiting for your back! Take care!

  22. I hope everything can be fixed up soon Irene. Please take care of yourself.

  23. I am so sorry dear Irene! Stay well and I am thinking of you sister xoxo

  24. Thanks for the update Irene. I hope you get back on line … and have heat soon!

  25. So sorry to hear, Irene. But no worries. We’re not going anywhere 🙂 ❤

  26. Sorry to read this, and sorry for not having seen your post earlier…. I hope you can get your screen and routeur fixed or replaced soon, but you don’t have to worry, as others mentioned it, we’re not going anywhere in the meanwhile 🙂

    *Big hugs*

  27. Sorry to hear about this Irene. I hope everything is up & running for you soon.

  28. You know you are in my heart and prayers, Irene. Life sure has a way of throwing obstacles in our path. I wish you only the very best from out of this! 💕🌸💕

  29. I mainly use my mobile! Hopefully you can still get around with the app. 😄

  30. So sorry to hear about your electricity and computer! My best to you!

  31. Oh that is such awful news to hear Irene and I’m so sorry that you have to worry about this on top of everything. Sending much love and prayers your way and a very special wish for you from the striped rocks. Hugs to you and hang in there.

  32. Hope everything will get better for you soon! All the best ! 🙂

  33. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through this rough patch Irene. Technology has really changed how much we depend on our devices. I hope everything gets sorted out soon.

    • Thank you Steph, I would be happy just to be able to cook again. Last time was one week ago.
      Something did burn in the cables and the house owner isn’t very helpful either.

      • We take so many things for granted and everytime the power goes out I’m reminded of how much I rely on it. A week is way too long to not be able to do the basics. It’s a shame the owner isn’t helpful however I bet if the situation were reversed it would be different. It boggles my mind how so many people can be so nonchalant about events affecting others.

  34. Sorry to hear the news Irene. I hope that it all works out for you very soon. Will be thinking of you and hope to hear from you soon. Milanka

  35. Hi there Irene… just coming for some news, when you have a minute 🙂
    I hope the electricity work is getting done… *warmest thoughts* 🙂

  36. OMG, I feel so much with you! I hope and wish that soon everything will be alright again! My best wishes for you!

    • Thank you, I do still fight.

      I just visited your website/blog. I didn’t find a site to read about, who you are or other sites about your blog. This is usually the first to check out at a new blog, when I wish to see, who is blogging.

  37. Sending positive vibes.

  38. Sue told me about this on a day when my computer was finally working and the blog site was fixed. And I was sick as a puppy at that time! I have been fighting a sinus infection for a long time now and I’m ready for it to go away — or I’ll just find a small bucket, pierce my nose and hang the bucket there so I can let the nose drip! Just now beginning to leave home for a few hours at a time and really paying the price for each minute of it after I return home.
    Were you able to replace your computer? If not, would you want my Android tablet? I have problems making it work right for myself but I think you know so much more about them that you wouldn’t have any trouble at all. Only one problem with it, I put it on “text to speech” and that slowed it down to almost going backward, , and I can’t get it off. Just too impatient right now! If you can pay the postage I can figure out how to send it.I might even be able to figure out how to get my personal information off it without erasing the whole thing, as I have done before. Just let me know if you want it. Possible warning — it is RED! My favorite color at the moment. Has a red case also, and a way to plug the keybord into the tablet.

    Hugs! ❤ ❤ ❤ ((()))

    • Thank you so very much for your kind concern, Angie. I had my PC into a shop for check together with the screen and they found out, that only the screen was dead, so I got a new screen and do now have a working PC again. I have had some challenges after I got it all home, as there have been someone, who try to login at fx my WordPress account. I did have 2-step verification before, but now I changed all my passwords for everything online. This is why, I have been silent since I got it home. I have been in contact with several professionals to get all to function again, because I did have good programs for protection too and those are not in best shape now, but they will be again. Until then I will not be much online for security.
      Good to hear, that you are getting back to a better health again, dear friend.
      I do have an old tablet, which I also tried to use, but it is too old and the internet is not working to well at it. Then I have my Android mobile, which has been my only device for a while now.
      Still my ceramic top for cooking isn’t repaired yet, they are awaiting for a new PC to come home to install in it.
      My washing machine is in for repairing too. So this last time has been stressing. Keep your tablet as a backup, if your computer gets challenges, it is not funny, when such things are happening.
      Big hugs for you too ❤

  39. What a horrible situation for you. We’ve had power surges and power outages here before, and several years ago my computer was struck by lightening, so I know what these problems are like. Not so bad in this building because we are the first ones to get service restored, but in the house I rented before coming here everything just shut down. My computer was hacked at one time, but I finally switched to the Opera Browser and it all seems to work out better. I sure hope this all gets cleared up for you soon. Thinking about you every day.
    ((())) ❤

  40. Hi Irene, awful situation! I hope that things go better for you. When you do come back to us, check out my poetry,

  41. I’m sorry you had to go through this and hope the repairs will be better. Take care!

  42. Hi Irene. I’ve been away due to a death in the family and then didn’t feel like writing for a few months. It’s nice to be back but I’m sad to hear about your experience with power and your computer. I hope all is better soon and you are finding ways to enjoy this unscheduled time off from blogging. Perhaps there will be many adventures to share with us when you return!! Take care, Melissa

    • Thank you, Melissa.
      I’m sorry to hear about your news and understand, why you haven’t been in here for a while. Take you time and remember to take good care of yourself too ❤

  43. Hope it’s all sorted now Irene… knowing the SPANISH, I understand this problem happens often, killing our products too! Acceptance comes after so many years❤️❤️ much love, barbara x

  44. Sorry you’re losing your connection to your blog and etsy site. Hope it all gets sorted out in short time and you’re back with us here on WordPress. Take care my friend.

  45. Just when I looked forward to meeting you. I’ll be waiting when you return. Best wishes to you!

  46. It sounds like a rough patch and I do hope it all ends for you soon so you can enjoy sunny skies xxoo

  47. Hi Irene,
    Hope you get back onto your techno feet soon. It’s something we depend on so much these days, and can feel like returning to the dark ages. Also hope your finances are blessed and don’t take a big hit.
    Best wishes,

    • Thank you Rowena. I waited very long time to get things back to function and it demanded mostly of my abundance, why I haven’t been posting since yet, but it will come.

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