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My new life

Dear Readers

As you might know, I haven’t been much online since my hospital stay last Summer. I didn’t write much about the reason back then, because I thought it was over, when I went home again. Unfortunately this was not the case.

The illness, as I was hit by last year was Q-fever. I never heard about that illness before and the doctors used around 1 1/2 month to find out, what was wrong, before I heard about this. I hoped for a treatment, as would work, then become better and go home to recover. I got hard antibiotics from day 1 to avoid every illness. I was in coma and didn’t notice much. After 2 months I went home to start my new life. Short time after, I lost mostly of my hair. I’m not a woman, who use hours for make-up and smart clothe in my daily life, I live more relaxed and thrive better in nice and comfortable clothe. But to loose my hair did hurt a lot, I have used many years to get so long and big hair. Then again, I’m happy and grateful just to survive, just wished, that someone would have told me, this could happen too.

I have been visiting the hospital very regular for new blood tests and in June, they found out, that the illness from last year, Q-fever, now was chronic attacking my body and I went to several tests and was and still am in treatment with strong antibiotics again and will probably need this for at least 1 1/2 to 5 years daily. I will not get totally rid of this illness, but I hope that the doctors are able to keep it in control for many years

The doctors told me, that I could have got this illness from either a neighbor, who got herself a baby goat without veterinary checks or from sheep a little more far away. I don’t know and I can’t change it anyway, so I choose to live my life like it is now

As you might understand, this was a kick of the bad ones to get to know. After the coma last year, I needed to start all over, from learning to eat, walking etc. by myself to everything else. Plus process what happened while I was in coma, which were a lot. I didn’t expect this to demand so much time, but I found out, that it easily could demand up to 2 years to find myself after the coma

I have been missing blogging and specially all my lovely friends in here. Some of you have been writing to ask, how life was going, which made me very happy, even if I didn’t have the energy to answer each of you. I will do my best to blog on regular base again and I’m looking forward to come around and visit your blogs, please be patient, I will reach you too 😀

Remember to enjoy life – while you can




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  1. OH wow that’s so scary for you! I’m sending prayers of healing and comfort your way. ❤

  2. Irene you have been through so much. I am so glad to see you back. And healing. I have missed you.

  3. Thanks for the update Irene and so sad this has happened to you but I do love your desire to do the best you can. Prayers from Canada for a complete recovery attached a few hugs…

  4. You are in my prayers Irene. Thought often about you but didn’t want to push too much with comments as I knew you weren’t well. Take good care 😚🙋

  5. Cuidate mucho Irene, ya veras que todo pasara y estaras mas FUERTE y ANIMADA.

  6. Dear Irene, we are with you on the cross roads of life.

  7. I have missed you so much, dear Irene, and I shall continue to send healing energy to you! Big hugs, Cher xo

  8. Dear Irene,

    It’s good to see you have recovered sufficiently to write again. Q fever was discovered in Australia in the early 20th century by a person named Derrick. The Q means query rather Queensland (my home state) where it was first described. It didn’t take long for another Australian to identify the cause was an odd bacterium later named Coxiella burnetii.

    Chronic Q fever infection can be nasty and it seems you are well aware of this. I hope you continue with your recovery and the antimicrobials you are taking continue to work to rid you of the infection.

    Take care Irene


    • Thank you very much Gary. You are right, it is a nasty infection and I have been reading much about it to learn, what I best can do to help my healing on the way.
      I did read, that it was discovered in Australia and you are the only ones, who have access to a vaccination against the same in our world. Did you know that?
      I hope, that you are feeling good Gary, long time since last contact.

      • Thanks Irene, yes, it’s true we do have a vaccine, but it’s old and it has many problems with adverse effects so we only recommend it to people with occupational exposure. We continue to hope someone will make a safer and cheaper product for humans. In the Netherlands and some other places, animals are immunised rather than humans. In this way, human infection is reduced because they are not exposed to infected animals.

        • You are right Gary. In many countries, also in North Europe, the animals have had this bacteria, not all become ill, but they can spread the infection anyway. This is not usual checked, unless the animals become very ill. It would be great, if there were rules about that infection, so it should be official told to the vets. But not here yet.

  9. Sending love and prayer that you will continue to improve with no set backs. You are such a precious soul. Have missed you. Take the best care of yourself. ❤️🌹🌺

  10. I am so sorry to hear that, Irene. That must have been a shock after all you achieved after your coma. But at least the doctors know how to treat it. I hope that you are getting over the worst faster than expected and that your healing progress continues. Much love and blessings to you, dear Irene 💖

    • Thank you very much for your kind comment, Erika. I hope the best and try to live as healthy as I can to support the healing. Much love to you too ❤

      • You are so often in my thoughts. Sending you healing hugs, Irene 💖

        • Thank you very much Erika. I have started to use Aroma Therapy in the hope, this will support my healing too.
          Much love to you ❤

          • That is a very good idea. Basically, aroma therapy can support every health problem and treatment. And it has no side effects if used correctly. All nature to feed the system💖

            • Thank you Erika. I have been using this years ago, but not personally for some years now.
              I visit regular a great friend, where I receive a kind of Spanish massage, Reflexology and Reiki. She is using oil for the massage and one day I thought to start up again.
              While my skin is very sensitive now because of the medication, as I get, I use it down my feet to avoid bad reactions. Some others I use for breathing inside. Until now I feel, it is supporting my healing ❤

  11. Oh, Irene, I’m so sorry to know you’re struggling with this. I, too, am glad you are surviving and that there is hope for more better days. I’m sorry about the devastating effects of losing your long locks. I wish you so much wellness and happiness, and am glad you let us know how you’re doing.

  12. My dear Irene, I have been thinking about you so much, and thought that you were taking it easy. I have missed you ❤️
    I am so sorry this hasn’t been an easy time at all for you! Thank you for sharing what has been happening with you.
    My heart goes out to you and those love you – animals and humans 💕
    May you find your way through this challenge and keep enjoying the small moments every day.
    Sending a hug your way xoxo

  13. Dear Irene, I am so sorry to hear of your struggles with this illness. I am glad they have figured it out and now can treat it. I am sorry about your hair, I can only imagine how that added to the difficulty of dealing with this. I am glad you seem to be positive about moving forward and looking toward better days. I will have you in my thoughts. Sending you hugs, and much love ❤ ❤

    • Thank you very much Lisa. Yes, it added difficulty to the situation with my hair, but now I’m just grateful to live every day. Life is more important and we need to remember to live, while we are able to do so.
      Much love to you, dear friend ❤

  14. My wife has Wilson’s Disease and must eat through a stomach tube; she recently had Sciatica surgery and will probably soon have surgery for a torn rotator cuff. So we know, all too well, what health struggles can be like. Heal well, take your time, eat whole and healthy foods — not that processed crap — and make yourself glow again! 🙂

    • Thank you very much for your kind comment, Tom.
      I wish all the best for you and your wife. It sounds like, you are fighting with a lot too.
      I do try to live with healthy food, as much as I can. Greetings to both of you 🙂

  15. Dear Irene. You have dear friend been missed by many here on WP. And to have gone through what you have been through must have been a traumatic time.
    Our hair for us ladies is our crowning glory so to have this ontop of your reabilitation must have been another hard obstacle to overcome.
    I have had your name within my healing book of healing for a while. And I continue to hold you in my thoughts Irene.
    Take your time.
    I had never heard of this disease before and it sounds awful. And I know you have gone through a lot to get your strength back.
    Continue to look after yourself Irene. And thank you for updating us on your progress.
    Much love and continued Blessings.
    Sue💖🤗💖 hugs.xox

    • Thank you so very much, dear Sue. I have missed you so much.
      Yes, our hair is our crowning glory, as you said. What mostly surprised me was, that no one told me, before I went to my usual doctor to ask about this and she told me, that all the strong medication, as I received in hospital, easy could do this with my hair.
      Thank you for letting me live in your healing book, it is much appreciated.
      I hope to be able to blog more regular now, at least I will do my best.
      Much love and huge hugs for you, dear Sue ❤

  16. Good Sunday morning to you dear Irene… Iam sorry to hear of your deep struggles, I know experiencing hair anguish touches something deep in a woman. Maybe old fears buried deep that just need to be felt and loved… for me when my hair went very thin and fragile… I was faced with ‘adoring’ myself more! I treated it weekly with an ormus extract… and used it in my salads. You can read this post which shares how to make it. I have recently bought myself a juicer and drink veg juice each day which really feeds the immune system. broccoli stems, cabbage, radish, celery, ginger, lemon, carrot, raw beetroot, kale or spinach and apple or watermelon. It’s a lot of work but I does us good and keeps the immflamation down which is the cause of most disease and imbalance. I’ve also read olive leaf is great as a tea! I’m sure you can make your own! Lots of rest and being grateful for every moment (which I know you are being💃🏻) will see you through this transformation which I know you’re going through… as the physical body changes from carbon based to a crystalline structure. Much love to you Irene 😘. Barbara x

    • Thank you for your kind advice Barbara. I do make my own juice and will check out your recipe too.
      I do also intake lots of dietary supplements to support my healing. I don’t have much appetite, so I try to eat as healthy, as I can. The medication are very tough for the body and the side effects too. Much love to you too ❤

  17. Irene, my Heart just went out to you when I read your words and how much you have been through. Off and on over the Summer I’ve thought of you and just stopped what I was doing and prayed for you. I will continue with prayers for you as I send you my Love. And I am really sorry you lost your hair. I KNOW what mine means to me and I KNOW I would be devastated if I lost my hair. Bless your Heart! I pray better days for you and for a full recovery. It’s been SO nice to see you back here at WP. You have been missed!! (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Thank you very much for your loving comment, dear Amy. Yes, it has been a tough time, but while I can’t change anything, I choose to accept and get the best out of my daily life.
      I have been missing you too.
      Much love and huge hugs ❤

      • Your attitude will bring you through this, dear friend. I wouldn’t wish on anyone what you have been through. Nor would I “assume” I knew why this is happening to you. I admit I do not hold the answers, for the more I experience in life, the more I realize I honestly don’t know what I thought I had figured out. The important thing to remember no matter what, however, is to learn the Lesson, whatever that may be, and to grow from the experience. Each one of us is unique, and so too our Paths in Life. For anyone to say they know why you have been hit so hard in your health, makes no sense to me whatsoever.Your Higher Self knows and if you don’t know why right now, a day is coming you will know. I am praying for you!

        *I HOPE you did get my email regarding your cats.* Please let me know if you did. XOXO

        • Thank you for your always kind support, dear Amy 💖
          I have had same kind of thoughts and no matter why, I will do my best to live and enjoy every day and learn by that.
          I did receive your email, I just haven’t answered you yet. I bought the Gold drops in same company years ago and I will try out your suggestions for my cats. Hvide do have the same with hyper thyroid.
          Wish you a beautiful day, dear friend 💖

          • If you buy the herbal combination for the thyroid, make sure it is for hyperthyroidism please. If you are talking about Life Gold, I really have not had too much success with that remedy. I don’t know if you have. May you have a beautiful and healthy day today! 💕😚💕

            • Thank you Amy. Yes, I meant the Life Gold and I found it expensive for the very little help, as they got by that. Much love to you 💖

              • It did not work for me either. And yes these combinations are very expensive! I can only tell you what I am seeing with my Bella with the combination I have her on for her thyroid. It is really helping her tremendously!

                • I’m happy to hear that. I hope it will help Hvide too.

                  • The Life Gold, Irene, did seem to help I believe it was Rocky for a while but then the effects seemed to stop. In this instance with Bella, she has been on this combination for months and I am still seeing excellent results. I feel badly that I recommended that Life Gold to you because I know how expensive it is. I’ve learned not to recommend anything until at least two to three months have passed. The amount of herbal and supplemental remedies I have in my cupboard for the most part I am not using. What I am trying to say, it is very difficult to know what will work and for which cat it will work for. With some of the other supplements I have in my cupboard, I have seen what I thought were good results but then they seemed to fizzle out. Very frustrating and this is very difficult to do!

                    • I do understand, what you mean Amy. When I ask you for advice, I don’t expect miracles, just hope it will support mine too. Life Gold was good in the beginning 💖

  18. How scary and my heart goes out to you. The last time we talked you felt tired and need to find your way. Understandably and I myself have been struggling with the RA this year. I’m still in Germany with Mom and have learned that miracles do happen. If anyone is deserving, it is you and I will send healing energies and vibes. Stay strong, your miracle is out there. Hugs

    • Thank you so much, dear Rhapsody. We do all deserve miracles. I hope, that you get your RA in control again. I haven’t forgot my promise to you, but haven’t been working with the jewelry for serious yet. So better late than never.
      Send you love and hugs ❤

  19. Keeping you in my prayers always, Irene. Whenever we hear from you is a blessing.

  20. It is so good to hear from you again! Welcome back and prayers going out to you.

  21. I had not heard of Q fever until today Irene. It sounds very nasty. I hope you can get your strength back in time. I will keep you on my prayers. 🌼

  22. Oh Irene, so sorry you have to go through this nightmare. This infection is so rare. Look up the foods and everything else that you might use to strengthen your heart. You need any help that exists. Also good emotions and positivity are very important. Spend more time with your little baby granddaughter and you will feel better 🙂 Hugs&Love

    • Thank you for your kindness Inese. I do take care of healthy food. My heart has been checked and there are no challenges there. Next step is a PET-scanning to find out, where the infection is located in my body. We will see.
      I would love to visit both of my grandkids, but I’m not allowed to stay away for more than few days a time. I need to be close to the hospital, so I hope, this will change, when there are more control with the infection. I do my best to live in peace and stay positive.
      Love and hugs for you too ❤

      • I do hope that next summer everything will be back to normal. I thought your daughter lived closer. And I forgot that Elin is your second 🙂 Well, hung in there, and trust the doctors. If there is no danger to your heart, it is one worry less. ❤

  23. I am so happy you are recovering and sorry to hear about this continued illness. I thought of you many times and assumed you were taking a break!! So sorry to hear about you dear sister ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Irene, I can’t believe I found you again. I’m not online much now myself and I’ve looked for you, but after the last blog was pirated just almost gave up writing completely. This one, hopefully one that will stay, is kentucky angel flies again, or I am not doing well now, the MS so much worse that I fall constantly and have been having small strokes lately, so writing is becoming so difficult for me to do. Computer woes make it even more difficult, but I still make the effort on occasion, without any kind of regularity now. Just getting up in the morning becomes more and more like work, but I have a feeling you know all about that if I read this correctly. Did I mention the partial blindness in my right eye? I have to laugh about it though. Especially since the alternative is crying and that just doesn’t seem like a lot of fun, makes ugly wrinkles and gives me a headache. I’m not going to do much more tonight – it’s been a long day and still so much to do before I can go to bed, but I am just so, so, so glad I found you again! And so sorry this disease happened to you. How horrible! Please let me know how things work out with you. I’ll find it eventually and reply. 😇

    • Thank you very much for your kind comment, dear Angie.
      You are right, there are not much else to do than not to worry too much, when the struggles show their face to us. Better to take a positive view at life and be happy for each day, as we get. I’m sorry to hear, how it is going with your health, but happy to read, how you choose to react to it, dear friend.
      I haven’t had either energy or abundance for blogging before now, possibly also because I have missed all of you so much.
      Send you lots of love and best wishes ❤

      • I will get back with you soon ny sweet friend. Right now I have to get some sleep. I just had to let you know how delighted I am to find you again. It has made e so happy. Tonight I’ll sleep better. Many hugs!😇💕🧡❤💜💖

  25. I was so worried when your daughter posted about your illness. I am a nurse and understood some of what you were enduring in ICU. I missed your post. We do make good blogging friends, don’t we.

    • Back then, when my daughter posted about this, the doctors didn’t know, what was wrong. I thought, that I had an influenza and treated it like that until the day, where I couldn’t do anything any longer. Then I called a taxi and went to hospital. I never thought or imagined, that it could end up that bad.
      Yes, we are good blogging friends, I agree 🙂
      You can still find the posts from then, but she didn’t post them at my blog, because she was not able to. Instead she wrote to Amy, as is one of my very good friends too. Amy brought a post about it at where you can use my name for searching through her posts, if you like. Enjoy a wonderful day.

  26. AnRoalisticBlog said:

    Dear Irene, it’s so nice to hear from you, however, it’s so so pity that you had to go through so many health challenges! I have never heard of this disease, but perhaps it’s good that you know what kind of disease it, so many people live and suffer and still do not know why they might be not so well. I am sure you will recover and it will happen very soon. You are a very strong woman who loves her life and will never give up. We all believe in you and are with you! Please take care!

    • Thank you very much, dear Ann. It was necessary to find out, what was wrong, also for the doctors, as they were in doubt, how to treat my health. It was a long process, but they found out. Just they can keep it in control, I will be happy. Enjoy a happy day.

  27. Oh, Irene, I have missed your news. Now I understand your absence and my heart reaches out to you. I am truly saddened to hear of your harsh illness. I hope you heal more quickly than the doctors believe you will. Please do continue to let us know about your condition, and more importantly, your life.

    • Thank you for your kind comment Michael. I will start to blog again, also about other things than my illness, I just thought it would be fair to let all of you know, why I haven’t been blogging for long time. I have missed all my kind friends in here, I just didn’t have the energy and abundance to blog. I plan to do now.
      I hope, that all are well with you too?

  28. Very sorry to hear about your illnesses! Here’s to the treatments working as well as they can and you getting stronger and able to do more.

  29. Thinking of you and hoping that your recovery goes smoothly.

  30. Oh my precious friend, im so sorry for this set back. Will your hair grow back in time?, you must have been devastated to find out that it is not cureable 😦 but modern medicine is coming up with new cures all the time, so dont loose hope..

    ive never heard of q fever either and im surrounded by sheep and goats, so will have to look it up.

    You are such a warrior, an inspiration to have fought your way back and find the strength to come blog too. Sending you and Odin big hugs and healing prayers.

    Love and blessings to you ,<3 xx

    • Thank you so very much for your kind comment, Maria.
      This illness goes into the blood and stay there for lifetime. I can be lucky to be able to not need the medications for years, but there will always be a risk for flares again. I hope to get through this time best possible. The drugs are tough to the body and I’m looking very much forward to not be in need for them any longer. The doctors here are doing their best to check all they can to find out, where the illness has attacked my body to know, if they can treat it even more close, so I’m happy to have them following close.
      It will be a very good idea for you to check out this Q-fever, as thrive well in South Europe to be aware and awake.
      Love and blessings to you too, dear friend ❤

  31. Oh no!!!! I had totally missed this. I was wondering where you had been. 😿

    Hope you’ll recover as soon as possible. ❤

  32. My prayers are with you!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and apologize I had missed this! Take care of yourself…my best to you!

  33. Just came over to say hi. Hope there is a good progress with your health. Keeping you in my prayers.

  34. Irene I’m just seeing this. I’m sending you my most positive thoughts and wishes for a complete recovery. You’re so beautiful in every way. Please take care of yourself. ♥️🌹

  35. Sending a little love to you from here in San Diego.

  36. Just to say hello. So hope you are feeling better. Sending love ❤

  37. Happy, New Year despite everything!!! 🙋🍀🐝

  38. Irene, Thank you for the New Year wishes!! I stepped away from blogging in the autumn and missed this post. Im so sorry to hear of the chronic illness and pain that you are enduring. I hope they find a way to overcome this disease and you find relief!
    Its good to know you are still around and thinking of the WP community. Sending love and healing light your way.

    • Thank you so very much Val. Sometimes we need to step a little away.
      I do my best to live healthy and hope this help to get rid of the illness.
      I’m not much in here yet, but I’m sure, it will come. Much love and healing for you too ❤

  39. Dear Irene, Just dropping in to wish you well in 2019 my friend, I hope it brings you Good health, happiness and Joy . Hope things are well with you,
    Sending my thoughts to you..
    Much love your way Irene..
    Take care of YOU.. ❤

  40. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. I have thought of you often! Here’s to a healthier, happier 2019 for you!

  41. Hi Irene,

    Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. My best wishes.


  42. Sending much love back to you Irene… Take care of you.. ❤ Hugs Sue

  43. Irene, my beautiful friend. I’m sending much love to you and I hope this message finds you recovering. ❤

  44. Hope the things started to look better, Irene. Sending love and blessings ❤

  45. Hello dear Irene, I hope that my message finds you in better health. I too have not been posting as much. I have noticed your absence. Keep well, heal and I look forward to seeing your posts. Sending love and healing energy. Milanka

  46. Irene I didn’t know about it coming back again! I knew were sick before but I thought you were all better.

    Be encouraged my friend. I’ll be praying for you. Hoping you find light and stay there being encouraged.

    By the way my wife lost all her hair the first time she had cancer. She looks wonderful in hats now.

    Peace and blessings to you!

    • Thank you for your encouraging way Nicodemas. I’m still recovering, but feel better. I have been lucky, that my hair grow out again, so I don’t feel that bad, as back then.
      I hope, that your wife enjoy life too. We need to appreciate every day, as we get.

  47. Irene I saw you stopped by my blog today- I was so happy to see you there! I have thought of you over these many months and hope you are doing better. ❤

  48. Oh my dear friend, I hope this message finds you well. I will keep you in my prayers and thank you for reaching out to me today.

  49. makes me happy that you looked at my colorful post
    and offered your insightful presence, Irene!
    wishing you joy & continued healing
    with rest and support of family & loved ones.
    my partner still enjoys wearing the nice pendant you made 🙂

    • Thank you very much David. I’m happy, that your partner still enjoy the jewelry. It is really nice to be back in our beautiful blogging universe 🙂

  50. Well, you will have to work around it. I’ve gone through learning to walk, etc. quite a few times. Do not focus on disease, but on cure. Doctors may not always know what the cure is.Many people (including me) have unexplainable terrible issues. I found out that I could cure myself better than any doctor. However, I had studied medicine, and after 25 years of unsuccessful official treatments I brought myself back to health. I am 61 this August, and I wish you could work towards your health also. I was on antibiotics since 2013 as you can read on my blog. The problem is that nobody really cares about your personal condition. I did a lot of extra research and finally found a cure. No doctor ever considered that.

    • Thank you for your kind comment Inese.
      I do my best to live more natural and hope, this will be possible to continue to see, when they control my analyzes next time. I do almost follow their medical advice, just not 100%, as I can’t stand all this medication in my body. Then natural food and medication, which support my health in many ways. I do and have done research for myself too, but until now I haven’t found new information about this illness.

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