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A walk in our new area


Odin enjoyed a bit of freedom

My last blog post is from the autumn last year, so thought it might be time with a little update today. Thank you for your kind patience

Nature 1

I moved to a new place last in December 2018, about 400 km more south in Spain and into a city in Murcia area

Nature 4

The photos as you see here are from our new area a little away from our place, until now the only place, where Odin can get a little freedom from the leash

Nature 3

We explore the area little by little and Odin enjoy those walks

Nature 5

I hope, that you enjoyed our walk

Remember to live every day!


Comments on: "A walk in our new area" (71)

  1. That looks like the most magnificent place for Odin to run free! Imagine you’re enjoying it too.

  2. So nice to see where you live, Irene! 😊😊 And Odin looks so happy 😊

  3. Thank you for sharing your new place! Glad to have you back, blogging

  4. I am getting stronger daily and looking forward to being back home as soon as possible! Thank you for asking. How are YOU feeling?

  5. I’m happy you and Odin have found a new home and more peace and hopefully more healing, healthy energy. Take good care ❀️

  6. I’m excited to see your new location and that you have such a magnificent place to explore. I’m also happy that you’re getting back to the blog too!

  7. Good to see you and Odin back

  8. You have really come around in Spain, Irene. How do you like the new place? Odin seems to enjoy it!

    • I will write more about my thoughts here later. Much are happening in life and I need to find myself, before I write more about it.
      It isn’t easy to find good places in a city for Odin. I like, that he can run free too and it is not possible like earlier.

      • I guessed that a lot happened during the past year and I am very happy that you can be with us a bit more.
        I can imagine, most of all because you both are used to other surroundings. But I hope that you both are fine over all πŸ’–

      • Thank you, Erika.
        Yes, much happened and still do.
        I’m working to get into a better condition physically and my new doctor told me, that until the end of this year, I will need to continue the strong medications. Then new analyzes will show, if I can stop or not.
        The Q-fever seems to have got into my bones, which have made my Arthritis to go a little crazy and this very fast. They are doing their best to help with this too.
        More will follow, when I feel ready, Erika ❀

      • I am so sorry to hear how you are still fighting for a better health. But I am glad at least you seem to be in good care. I hope from my heart that you can stop taking those meds sooner than expected. Sending healing thoughts to your bones, dear Irene πŸ’–πŸ’– πŸ’–

      • Thank you for your kind comment, Erika.
        I will need this med for at least 1,5 years, which will be just before next year. I hope this will be possible. Otherwise up to 5 years, they say.
        I do feel better and do my best to improve daily. Much love to you ❀

      • That is what matters most, of course, that you feel better. Huge hugs and much love your way, Irene πŸ’–

      • Thank you Erika ❀

      • πŸ’–πŸ’–

  9. It’s so good to see you and Odin enjoying your new area, Irene! I can feel the peace and tranquility from here! Cher xo

  10. It’s good to see you post. Thank you for sharing your new place. It looks tranquil but I get the sense that some of the ground is being prepared for construction. At least that’s what I read into the images. I’m glad you’re feeling better. πŸ™‚

  11. Thank you for sharing this walk with Odin, Irene πŸ’•

  12. Hello Odin ! I haven’t seen you in so long! You look well.

    Irene I hope your new home is good to you and Odin and you are well a part of a fabulous community.

  13. Good to see you enjoying walking in your New area Irene, being able to enjoy the outdoors again with Odin he looks happy and so pleased you gave us this update.. You have been missed here my friend ❀
    Love and well wishes Irene.. ❀

  14. Glad you and Odin have a place to walk. It must be magnificent when all these grasses and other flora start blooming in spring. There might be birds too πŸ™‚ So happy you are getting better and your medicine works for you. Keep recovering! ❀

    • Thank you very much, Inese.
      I didn’t see many flowers there in the spring. It isn’t a usual natural area, even it looks like in my photos. I choose to show you the nice.

      • Irene, in a couple of years the Nature will bring more vegetation there. She knows how to heal the earth. You will enjoy the flowers some day πŸ™‚

      • This is a nice dream, Inese. The area have been misused for many years for trash of many kinds. Some of it are down in the soil and the rest not. I do really wish for a better order for the trash.

      • Oh I so agree with you.

      • I try to show only the nice in my photos, Inese. I haven’t found any really nice places here yet.

      • I only believe that the Nature will heal the place. It takes some time, of course. People might bring some seeds and toss them around too πŸ™‚

      • You are right Inese, this would be another nice dream. People don’t see this as natural places to take care of. But as places, where you can dump, what you don’t need any longer.
        In the beginning here I felt so annoyed, that it was possible to have such a green area so close to the city, without anyone taking good care of it. Later I found out, it was used for trash.

      • It is only a matter of a group of people come together and start restoring the place. You can check out my blog posts about John’s river – the dirtiest river in the whole county. It took a group of good people to return the river its beauty.

      • I believe in you, Inese. But I don’t see much interest here for anything not very personal of nature. Like thinking: Not my business, my money or my time. Others must do, if necessary.
        There have been recession for many years here, not it is on the right way up, but many don’t have much to do with.

      • I understand it too well…

      • I’m happy to read, that people there found it worth doing, Inese.

      • Yes, and it is only a small group of people. The others keep littering 😦

      • At least it is good, there are some people, who are willing to act too, Inese πŸ™‚

      • True πŸ™‚

  15. Likes not working for me. WP issue. Love this though

    • Thank you Holly.
      I have noticed some challenges at WP, after I went back here. Sometimes we can’t either like or comment at peoples post either.
      I don’t see all updates in my Reader, which I find disturbing too.

  16. Beautiful- at least you are able to walk not too far to get to a natural area with Odin. Better to be near the medical as you said for right now. I look forward to when you will get back to the ocean and put this part behind you. I am so glad you are well enough to share your walks with us! ❀

  17. Oh my heart is so happy to find an updated post from you and to get a glimpse into your new area.
    I take it as a sign of your continued progress and traveling the path to better health.
    Wrapping you in a big hug of comfort and warmth. You are doing so good my dear friend and every little step brings you closer. ❀️❀️❀️ much love to you

  18. So you’ve moved! We loved living in murcia for 8 years in a town called MazarrΓ³n on the coast, Β½ hour away from murcia city, is this where you are living? It is a very barren area but has many treasures and lovely SPANISH people. You will love it and the walks will help bring you into complete wellness. Continue embracing this recovery, everything that comes up… as I’m finding many old traumas are surfacing that just need acknowledgement and love before their release! So glad you are blogging with us again😘 love Barbara x

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