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I find it a little difficult to get into the custom of blogging again. One week, I have lots of ideas and the last month, I haven’t found the feeling for blogging. I hope, this will become better again

Sometimes life interrupts our dreams and ideas for living and we end up in a place, where we didn’t expect to. Then it is good to remember, that we are always just, where we need to be

My personal life has also changed and so have my dreams

About 7 years ago, I followed my dream and went to live in another country, than the one, where I was born. I moved to Spain, as I wished to try to live with more sun and better weather in general, which came through

Now time is for changing again

I have got grand kids and I do miss my family a lot. I do also wish to become closer to my kids and grand kids. It isn’t possible to get close to the whole family, as we are now living in 3 different countries, but I can get closer to one and then I will be closer to see the others too

As you might know, my daughter is living in Germany and my son in Denmark. Both have kindly given me grand kids 😀

My health is so much better now, than it has been for more than the 2 last years. I went to a control yesterday and the doctor couldn’t find more of the bad illness Q-fever, as I was so very ill with. This is so very positive. I will need to continue my medication against the same until December, as is necessary with the treatment of this illness. Then it will be time get back into a more healthy life. The medications are very strong for the body and they take down my immunity system. This results in very little energy and abundance, also for blogging

When I lived in Denmark, I had challenges with my Arthritis, as there is very humid and very green. So Denmark will not be my next destination, but South Germany instead. The weather there is more in the middle of what Spain and Denmark have to offer

As you can think, it is expensive to move from one country and into another, so I’m now trying to save as much as possible to be able to go on to my next adventure

There for I have changed the prices to even better offers at mostly of my jewelry in my Etsy Shop. All will go directly into my savings for the move to Germany, so if you buy my jewelry, you will help me to fulfill my dream. Thank you kindly in advance

If you have special wishes for jewelry, you are welcome to contact me and I promise to do my best and still for fair prices


Remember to live your life and dreams, so you don’t have anything to regret…



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Comments on: "Blogging and Life" (47)

  1. Thanking you for your inspiration and beautiful light! Celebrating your every happiness

  2. All the best for the move Irene and I hope you can raise the money for the move.

  3. Thank you for sharing this Irene! I do appreciate your philosophy of life. May your dreams come true 💕

  4. I’m glad you will be moving closer to family. That had to be so difficult for all of you when you were so ill.

  5. I’m happy that your health is much better. Sometimes there is this call for change in our life that is so strong that we need to really be open to it. I understand the need to be closer to your loved ones. Life is just so unpredictable. Take good care, my dear and you are always in my prayers (Odin too) ❤️

  6. How very exciting! Germany can have some lovely weather — seems to be the best middle location. Further south is just getting too hot 😉

  7. Oh…Irene! That is such a huge move. I am so happy to hear that you feel much better. And the medicines we have to take sometimes can be worse than the disease we are trying to cure…but I know you have to take the medicine and then you will be able to work on your strength and endurance. It is a very good choice to be closer to family. And grandchildren…wow! You are very blessed and it will be important for you to get close to them. I know it must feel overwhelming…but you can do it! Just do what you can every day to move a little bit forward. Don’t over do it. Take really good care of yourself. You are amazing…you have been through so much. I send you really good energy…lots of love and light ❤

    • Thanks so very much for your kind comment, Lorrie ❤
      I try my best daily and do know, this will demand some time, before I will be able to realize the project.
      Wish you a beautiful weekend ❤

  8. I’m so happy for you, Irene, that you will be moving closer to family. You have been through so much, too much, and now that finally you are free from Q-disease, I know you shall succeed in every way to bring your dreams to you. I hold you close in my heart as life opens for you, showering with everything you require to make this huge move. Bless you!! xo

  9. It’s wonderful to read about your life changes. Onto Germany you go! I take it you speak Dutch, Spanish, English and German? If you do, I am impressed. 🙂 I can speak English, Spanish and French but moving to another country in your 40s, 50s, or even 60s or 70s takes courage, especially when you must learn another language.
    Your beautiful jewelry always amazes me. Glad to see that you are still creating and making the world more beautiful with your work.
    Sending you big hugs!

    • Thank you for your kind comment 🙂
      I do speak Danish, English, some Spanish and my German is a little old, needs refreshing, but possible, as I used it for studying years ago. I didn’t speak Spanish, when I went here 7 years ago and it is much more difficult to learn by age, I agree.

  10. I think that will be a good move for you Irene. Hope it works out well for you.

  11. All the best with the move, Irene. I understand money struggles myself, Irene and am trying to see whether I can pick up some part-time work and just take the edge off. I spent some time living in Heidelberg back in 1992 and also stayed in Rottweil and got down South to Munich and the border of Switzerland near Basel. It’s such a shame travel is so expensive, although I do have the beautiful of the Australian beaches where we live.
    Best wishes,

    • Thank you very much, Rowena.
      Even if you can’t travel so far any longer, you have been outside Australia 😀
      I’m a pensioner and not able to work even part time, which make it a little more challenging for the saving.

  12. Dear Irene… I am delighted to hear that your health is much improving and that you are planning to be nearer your family in Germany.. I know when we set our intention and we believe it can be achieved it is amazing just how doors and situations alter to enable us to fulfil our dreams..
    I am certain your goal will be reached.. Family is so important, and grandchildren bring us so much joy..
    The pictures are beautiful Irene.. and your jewellery is always so beautiful..
    As for blogging. just blog when you feel up to it..
    Go with the flow and do not worry..
    We are not going anywhere, ( even though I am often late in arriving and miss many posts from many people I follow, because I do not sit in my reader or email listings, but come and go when I feel inclined..)

    Sending lots of Love your way Irene… and thank you for updating us ❤
    Much Love ❤

  13. Moving closer to your family is a good thing. South Germany sounds like a great place to live. You probably speak German?

  14. […] via Blogging and Life — IreneDesign2011 […]

  15. I am so glad you are really on the road to feeling better- and have days of hope ahead. Your creations are beautiful as always.

  16. I also struggle with time and life and blogging. It’s the way of things, apparently.
    I am excited to know you will move again, and I wish you great luck with your sales and your move.

  17. I totally feel you!! Life often times gets in the way but the fact that you came back up shows you have the will power to do anything you set your mind to! Keep kicking life’s butt!!!

  18. Nice post, and I’m happy you’re happy

  19. Life is short, so live it up! Best wishes to you.

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